Crew Resource Management (CRM) - Online Course

Crew Resource Management (CRM) - Online Course Price : $199.00

The FAA has mandated Crew Resource Management training for all Part 135 operators as of March 22, 2013.

This Course...

  • Can easily be supplemented with company-specific standard operating procedures for effective crew standardization
  • Can be completed in sections on your own schedule
  • Is a practical and efficient way to accomplish the training requirements
  • Will provide effective techniques for increasing operational safety by keeping your flightcrew operating at a high level of coordination and professionalism
  • Includes a handy downloadable reference card, completion certificate, and logbook endorsement


Essential Flightcrew Training—even if not required

Required or not, crew resource management training will help make you part of a great crew. To get this valuable training, you can spend hours in the classroom and additional time away from home at a training center, or you can take this course online, in bite-sized chunks, on your own schedule. 

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You'll Learn...

  • Why CRM Pays Off
  • SOPs, the Foundation of CRM
  • Working as a Team
  • How to Communicate Effectively in the Cockpit
  • How CRM Helps Manage Your Workload
  • Using CRM to Maintain Situational Awareness
  • How CRM Helps You Make Good Decisions
  • How Fatigue and Stress Relate to CRM
  • Using CRM in the Real World


Meets CRM Requirements

FAR 135.330 mandates that CRM training for Part 135 / 121 flight crewmembers and flight attendants must be completed as of March 22, 2013. FAR 91.1073 currently requires Part 91K operators to provide CRM training, as does FAR 121.04 for scheduled operators. Part 91 operators flying with two pilots and / or cabin crew can use this course for possible insurance premium reductions. Part 121 operators who want to ease their classroom load can use this course to meet their CRM training requirement as well. Satisfies IS-BAO recurrent training requirements.

Why Crew Resource Management?

Even crews with established SOPs, that have flown together for some time, are sure to find a some gems in this course. The course is filled with practical ideas that can be put to immediate use.


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