50 Flags over Kitty Hawk

Martha after presentation Martha after the presentation of the California State 50 Flags to Kitty Hawk Proclamation and California flag together with (left to right) Tal Finney, Head of the Governor's Office of Planning and Research and Austin Wiswell, Chief of the California DIVISION of Aeronautics.

Martha King Delivers
California State Flag
To Wright Brothers Memorial

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Martha officially representing California at 50 Flags to Kitty Hawk

Martha King, an EAA member pilot from San Diego, California, officially represented the state in EAA's "50 Flags to Kitty Hawk" program Monday, May 19, when she landed at the Wright Brothers National Memorial and presented the state flag to National Park Association officials.

King is one of 50 EAA-member pilots chosen—one from each state—to participate in the "50 Flags to Kitty Hawk" program, a year-long effort that is part of EAA's "Countdown to Kitty Hawk" initiative, presented by Ford Motor COMPANY, celebrating the achievements of the Wright brothers and the 100th anniversary of powered flight in 2003.

Martha is the fifth EAA-member pilot to complete the journey to Kitty Hawk, where she also presented National Park Service officials with a signed proclamation from Governor Gray Davis, declaring May 5, 2003, as "50 Flags to Kitty Hawk Day" throughout the state. Following the presentation, the California flag was raised at the Wright Brothers National Memorial site.

"It has been a very special privilege to be involved in such a significant and fun program. I hope to be an inspiration to draw more women into aviation," said Martha, who was accompanied by her husband, John. Martha King holding California flag A nationally known San Diego aviation instructor, she has logged more than 9,000 hours of flight time and has been an EAA member since 1989. Her flight of 2,046 nautical miles took six and a half hours to complete in a Falcon 10 jet.

EAA's "Countdown to Kitty Hawk" program, which is also supported by Microsoft Flight Simulator and Eclipse Aviation, includes construction of an exact flying reproduction of the 1903 Wright flyer, and a six-stop national tour of EAA's "Countdown to Kitty Hawk" pavilion exhibit, which features the Flyer, historic artifacts and Wright brothers correspondence from the Library of Congress, and numerous interactive aviation displays.

The tour will culminate at Kill Devil Hills, N.C., when as part of the Centennial of Flight Celebration, EAA's Wright Flyer will fly again at 10:35 AM on Dec. 17, 2003—precisely 100 years to the minute from when the Wrights made history.

Seal of State of California STATE OF CALIFORNIA

Governor's Office of Planning and Research
Seal of Governor of California

May 2, 2003
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Proclamation of ’50 Flags to Kitty Hawk Day’
Kittyhawk proclamation
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Certificate of Flag Origin
Kitty Hawk 2003 Certificate
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Resolution of Thanks
Kitty Hawk 2003 Resolution
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SACRAMENTO - World-renowned aviator Martha King, of San Diego, is scheduled to deliver a California flag and a proclamation from Governor Gray Davis to Kitty Hawk, N.C., to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the world's first powered flight by the Wright brothers.

The flag, which has flown over the California State Capitol, and the proclamation are scheduled to be presented Monday to King on behalf of the Governor by Tal Finney, acting director of the Governor's Office of Planning and Research. The presentation will be made at 2 PM at the Golden State Museum at 10th and O Streets in Sacramento.

The "50 Flags to Kitty Hawk" initiative is sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association in partnership with the National Park Service and the National Association of State Aviation Officials.

King and her husband, John, who are the owners of King Schools, the world's largest producer of aviation training videos and computer software, will depart for Kitty Hawk on May 18 from San Diego, piloting a Falcon 10 jet. After a brief presentation ceremony, the flag and proclamation will be displayed at Kitty Hawk in preparation for the anniversary of the Wright brothers' flight on Dec. 17, 1903.

Governor Davis, who has been active in continuing to promote California's aeronautics industry, proclaimed Monday, May 5, as "50 Flags to Kitty Hawk Day." The proclamation notes the many "firsts" in aviation history that occurred in California, including the first established aircraft factory (in 1909 by Glenn Martin), the first established airport (in 1910 in Modesto), and the first airmail flight (in 1911 between Petaluma and Santa Rosa).

Other significant events cited in the proclamation include the construction in 1927 in San Diego by Ryan Aeronautics of "The Spirit of St. Louis," the first aircraft, piloted by Charles Lindbergh, to fly non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean; Chuck Yeager piloting the first plane to break the sound barrier at Edwards Air Force Base in 1947; and Sally Ride, of San Diego, becoming the first American woman astronaut in space in 1983.

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