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Drone Pilot License Recurrent Test Prep Course

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Drone Pilot License Recurrent Course - Online

Study only the topics the FAA will test you on for your recertification
  • You'll save time and money
  • Free Lifetime Course Access with Automatic Updates

Start Learning Immediately

This comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to know to ace your Recurrent Drone Pilot Test with engaging video presentations and simple, clear explanations. You'll gain the knowledge you need to pass your exam the first time—guaranteed. This KING course will have you feeling confident and prepared quickly—and at an affordable price. You'll have access to your course within minutes.

Video Instruction Gives You The Big Picture

The key word when it comes to being a "drone pilot" is pilot—when flying drones, not only must you understand the Part 107 regulations, you also need to know a significant amount of the same core subjects pilots flying airplanes need to know and fully understand. Each video lesson will hold your interest and make learning easy and exciting.

You'll be Ready to Take the Recurrent FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Drone Knowledge Test—the Required Exam You Need to Renew Your Remote Pilot Certificate

You deserve the best training and you will get the best because having a course that simplifies the complex FAA subjects areas will make learning them a breeze.

Those subject areas include:

  • Regulations
  • Airspace, Weather Minimums, and Charts
  • Risk Management
  • How to Ace Your Test


Reading about these subjects in a book is often frustrating and challenging. Watching the KING course, presented to you in HD video with special animation and images is a much more engaging experience; it's like having a classroom in your own home.

John and Martha have made it their mission to make learning complex material, fun and easy to understand.

Understand the Knowledge and Flight Concepts

You'll be so engaged by KING's clear, simple, fun presentation.

  • Learn by watching full-screen, bite-sized video segments
  • Reinforce your learning by answering the FAA-style questions that automatically follow each segment
  • Review questions by subject matter, keyword or by their previously answered status


Intimate, Personal Learning from Legendary Instructors

Through intimate video instruction, you'll learn directly from John and Martha King. Their clear, simple and fun teaching style has made aviation learning accessible to hundreds of thousands of pilots world-wide. You'll remember their vivid and often humorous presentations for years to come.

Learn at Your Own Pace

You can study the lesson segments at your own pace.

  • Each segment can be completed in less than 15 minutes
  • Choose where and when you learn
  • Choose the number of bite-sized segments you study at each session


Pass Your Exams—Guaranteed!

Pass your Recurrent FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Drone Knowledge Test—Guaranteed or your money back.
Course Running Time:
This course is self-paced with the minimum study time of 8 hours and the average study time being 12 – 14 hours.

Fly Your Drone Legally!

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has Authorized Non-Recreational Drone Operations

There are two sets of rules depending on the type of operation. The requirements for who may operate the UAV are different for each type of operation.

Group 1 - Rules for Commercial Operators/Private Citizens
This set of rules applies to individuals or commercial enterprises who are not employed by, or working for a governmental agency. The rules apply any time you are operating a drone in the furtherance of a business even if there is no direct compensation.

Group 2 - Rules for people who are working for Government agencies
This set of rules is for people who fly drones for government entities (local, state and federal government agencies) regardless if they are employees or contractors.

Government agencies may operate under either Part 107 regulations or obtain a Certificate of Authorization (COA) from the FAA that outlines the specific conditions that they have to follow to fly a drone including pilot certification.

You Must Renew Your Certificate Every 2 Years
The FAA requires recertification every two years for Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificates. This course is for you if it has been two years since you passed the Part 107 exam and received your initial Drone Certificate. For example, if you received your certificate in August of 2016, August of 2018 is when you have to get your renewal.

What does all this mean?
Since August 29, 2016, most pilots operating a small UAS for non-recreational purposes must either hold a FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small UAS Rating or be under the direct supervision of a person who does hold a Remote Pilot Certificate (the remote Pilot In Command). To qualify for a Remote Pilot Certificate, you must:

  • Pass an initial aeronautical knowledge test at an FAA-Approved Knowledge Testing Center
  • OR
  • If you already hold an FAA Part 61 Pilot Certificate (other than Student Pilot):
    • Have a successful Flight Review endorsed within the previous 24 months
    • Complete a small UAS online training course provided by the FAA.

All applicants will be vetted by the TSA and you must be 16 years or older. Part 61 Pilot Certificate holders may obtain a temporary remote pilot certificate immediately upon submission of their application for a permanent certificate through the FAA's IACRA site. For more details on the new FAA Part 107 drone regulations go to

Having a Remote Pilot Certificate is a great accomplishment and the key that will open many doors for those who wish to earn income by flying a drone.

Reaching your goal of flying drones (UAS) will be a life changing experience—At King Schools, it's our mission to help ensure your success.

King Schools Delivers
KING courses have helped 1 out of 2 pilots flying today

  • 99.8% of KING customers pass their FAA exams!
  • Our #1 source of new customers is through the recommendation of pilot friends and flight instructors
  • Read our customer reviews here and see why so many folks recommend KING products

Peace of Mind
Your Money-Back Guarantee...

  • If not completely satisfied with the course, return it within 30 days for a prompt, friendly refund. (For online courses, just call or email us)
  • If you fail your FAA test within one year of purchase, get your money back—AND you keep the course for the remainder of your subscription.

Proven Training Methods
You Get the Knowledge You Need

  • KING's clear, simple, fun presentation means you get the big picture you need to pass your test.
  • Learn by watching full-screen, bite sized instructional video segments
  • Answer FAA-style test questions that follow each lesson
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses with intuitive reports & charts

Expert Instruction
Learn From Aviation Subject Matter Experts—John and Martha King.
Through intimate video instruction, you'll learn directly from John and Martha King

  • You'll remember their vivid and often humorous presentations
  • You will always consider John and Martha your personal mentors

  1. Do I need a Drone License?

    For information on flying legally, click here.

  2. Are there any other laws, other than the Federal Regulations, that I need to follow as a drone operator?

    Yes, in addition to the Federal Regulations, you will need to be aware of and follow any relevant state and local laws for the area you intend to operate your drone.

  3. How long can I access the course?

    You have lifetime access to your course.

  4. How long does the course take?

    The course is self-paced. We believe it will take a minimum of 8 hours of study with the average being 12-14 hours.

  5. Can I use my smartphone to view the course materials?

    Apple iPhone and iPad
    We recommend using the Safari browser.

    Your course is compatible with the Google Chrome browser on your Android device. The Chrome browser is available for free download from the Google Play Store by searching for "Chrome".

  6. Is there a particular order to follow in the course?

    First view the "Your Success Begins Here" video on how to use the course effectively and gain insight to the features and benefits of the course. Once you start the course, just follow the path in the course menu.

    The advantage of having a home study course is you can repeat any lesson over and over again. You can always call or send us feedback about concepts or questions for further clarification.

  7. Do I need an endorsement to take the FAA Test?


  8. Do I need a Remote Pilot Certificate to take the Recurrent Test?

    Yes, you must renew your Remote Pilot Certificate every 2 years.

  9. Where can I take the FAA Test?

    FAA-approved Knowledge Testing Centers

  10. How often will I have to take the FAA test?

    Once you pass your initial test, you will be required to pass a recurring exam every 24 months.

  11. Who do I call if I have questions?

    You can speak to one of our Pilot Advisors during business hours at 800-854-1001 or +1-858-541-2200. You can also email us at

Good course
Website great. Have used it before.

Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online


Too much GA content
Good training except many subjects pertain to general aviation rather than being focused on sUAS.

Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online


Money well spent !
This course made my test prep painless and fun. It was the only study material that I used, and I scored a 39 out of 40 on my exam.

Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online


4.8 out of 5 for all pilots
Overall a great course that provides both comprehensive info along with test practice. The ability to repeat and review course matter is a tremendous positive.

Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online



Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online


Very Thorough Course
I trained to fly a lightsport and dont think I learned this much about airports and airspace!

Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online


Easy navigation.
Easy navigation.

Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online


Excellent course
The course was well written and very helpful. It concentrates on what you need to know.

Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online


Content OK/Not User Friendly
Course material satisfactory-program is not user friendly, particularly resuming where one left off.

Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online


Thanks King Schools for a easy to learn and comprehend Drone Pilot Licence - Recurrent Test Course. It was easy to follow due to the format, videos and supportive information including graphics and charts. It save a lot of time because it focused on the sections that are to be covered on the test. I would recommend this course to anyone planning to take the recurrent test. Ed

Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online


Easy, Informative
I really liked the down home type of teaching, very clear and to the point in every aspect of the course. Although I was taking my recurrent 107 I had a much higher score than on my original. The area I was troubled with was the Aerial Nautical charts and King made them much clearer and easier to understand.

Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online


The course made it easy...
The hardest thing for me to understand was airspace and the ability to re-watch the videos a couple of times and the practice tests made me confident and ready to take the test in just a few short days of work.

Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online


Great Course!
This course is a great resource that covers most important sections of FAA remote pilot exam..

Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online


Clear, comprehensive, useful
This is a good, comprehensive study and reference tool. A few spins through the sections and then the practice tests are a breeze.

Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online



Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online


Great Course
Studies your recurrent part 107 SUAS Course and scored a 93 on my test!!! Thank you! Course was enlightening and fun.

Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online


Excellent Course!
Great refresher course for the Recurrent Remote Pilot Test! Great graphics and great explanations of the important topics. I especially like the learning hints that help you to remember things. I also like the simulated FAA exams. They look and feel like the real thing. The practice tests give great instant feedback.

Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online


Part 107 Recurrent Test
Great Course, Thanks

Drone Pilot License – Recurrent Test Prep Course - Online



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