Martha King Named Hero Of Aviation

Martha King named Hero of Aviation

San Diego, January 12, 2004

At Kitty Hawk on Dec. 16th, Martha King was honored along with 99 others by the First Flight Centennial Commission as one of the 100 distinguished aviation heroes in the first century of flight. Of the 100 heroes only 32 are living and 18 appeared on the stage at Kitty Hawk to accept the recognition. Among those present along with Martha were Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Chuck Yeager, John Glenn and Patty Wagstaff.

Martha is the first and only woman in history to hold every class of pilot and instructor rating available. Because of her video instruction courses, Martha, along with her husband John, is regarded by pilots throughout the United States and the world as their personal aviation mentor.

In her acceptance comments, Martha said, "Can you believe that it was only 66 years since the Wright Brothers flew here until Neil and Buzz walked on the surface of the Moon? Think about where we can be in the next 66 years if we expand, develop and follow our passions ... maybe not visiting the Moon or Mars ... but living there!"

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First Flight Centennial

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Martha King, an EAA member pilot from San Diego, California, officially represented the state in EAA's "50 Flags to Kitty Hawk" program Monday, May 19, when she landed at the Wright Brothers National Memorial and presented the state flag to National Park Association officials.

Meet John and Martha King

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