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  1. If you missed any questions on your FAA Knowledge Test, you will find the Learning Statement Codes on your test report.
  2. You can use the FAA Learning Statement tab of the exam review to locate the questions related to a particular Learning Statement Code. Just click on the Question Review icon, then click on the Answer Questions icon to access the test questions and then select the FAA Learning Statement tab on the bottom.
  3. Your flight instructor will review the material of missed Learning Statement Codes prior to taking your practical test.

Click Here to view*, and if desired, download, the entire FAA Learning Statement Guide for Airman Knowledge Testing document.

LS CodeLearning Statement
PLT001 Calculate a course intercept
PLT002 Calculate aircraft performance - airspeed
PLT003 Calculate aircraft performance - center of gravity
PLT004 Calculate aircraft performance - climb / descent / maneuvering
PLT005 Calculate aircraft performance - density altitude
PLT006 Calculate aircraft performance - glide
PLT007 Calculate aircraft performance - IAS
PLT008 Calculate aircraft performance - landing
PLT009 Calculate aircraft performance - turbine temperatures (MGT, EGT, ITT, T4, etc) / torque / horsepower
PLT010 Calculate aircraft performance - STAB TRIM
PLT011 Calculate aircraft performance - takeoff
PLT012 Calculate aircraft performance - time/speed/distance/course/fuel/wind
PLT013 Calculate crosswind / headwind components
PLT014 Calculate distance / bearing to a station
PLT015 Calculate flight performance / planning - range
PLT016 Calculate fuel - dump time / weight / volume / quantity / consumption
PLT017 Calculate L/D ratio
PLT018 Calculate load factor / stall speed / velocity / angle of attack
PLT019 Calculate pressure altitude
PLT020 Calculate turbulent air penetration
PLT021 Calculate weight and balance
PLT022 Define Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM)
PLT023 Define altitude - absolute / true / indicated / density / pressure
PLT024 Define atmospheric adiabatic process
PLT025 Define Bernoulli's principle
PLT026 Define ceiling
PLT027 Define coning
PLT028 Define crewmember
PLT029 Define critical phase of flight
PLT030 Define false lift
PLT031 Define isobars / associated winds
PLT032 Define MACH speed regimes
PLT033 Define MEA / MOCA / MRA
PLT034 Define stopway / clearway
PLT035 Define Vne / Vne
PLT036 Interpret a MACH meter reading
PLT037 Interpret a Radar Weather Report / National Convective Weather Forecast
PLT038 Interpret aircraft Power Schedule Chart
PLT039 Interpret airport landing indicator
PLT040 Interpret airspace classes - charts / diagrams
PLT041 Interpret altimeter - readings / settings
PLT042 Interpret Constant Pressure charts / Isotachs Chart
PLT043 Interpret Analysis Heights / Temperature Chart
PLT044 Interpret ATC communications / instructions / terminology
PLT045 Interpret Descent Performance Chart
PLT046 Interpret drag ratio from charts
PLT047 Interpret/Program Flight Director/FMS/Automation - modes / operation / indications / errors
PLT048 Interpret Hovering Ceiling Chart
PLT049 Interpret ILS - charts / RMI / CDI / indications
PLT050 Interpret information on a Brake Energy Limit Chart
PLT051 Interpret information on a Convective Outlook
PLT052 Interpret information on a Departure Procedure Chart
PLT053 Interpret information on a Flight Plan
PLT054 Interpret information on a Glider Performance Graph
PLT055 Interpret information on a High Altitude Chart
PLT056 Interpret information on a Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI)
PLT057 Interpret information on a Hot Air Balloon Performance Graph
PLT058 Interpret information on a Low Altitude Chart
PLT059 Interpret information on a METAR / SPECI report
PLT060 Interpret information on a Performance Curve Chart
PLT061 Interpret information on a PIREP
PLT062 Interpret information on a Pseudo-Adiabatic Chart / K Index / Lifted Index
PLT064 Interpret information on a Sectional Chart
PLT065 Interpret information on a Service Ceiling Engine Inoperative Chart
PLT066 Interpret information on a Convective Outlook Chart
PLT067 Interpret information on a SIGMET
PLT068 Interpret information on a Significant Weather Prognostic Chart
PLT069 Interpret information on a Slush/Standing Water Takeoff Chart
PLT070 Interpret information on a Stability Chart
PLT071 Interpret information on a Surface Analysis Chart
PLT072 Interpret information on a Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF)
PLT073 Interpret information on a Tower Enroute Control (TEC)
PLT074 Interpret information on a Velocity/Load Factor Chart
PLT076 Interpret information on a Winds and Temperatures Aloft Forecast (FB)
PLT077 Interpret information on an Airport Diagram
PLT078 Interpret information in a Chart Supplements U.S.
PLT079 Interpret information on an Airways Chart
PLT080 Interpret information on an Arrival Chart
PLT082 Interpret information on an IFR Alternate Airport Minimums Chart
PLT083 Interpret information on an Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP)
PLT084 Interpret information on an Observed Winds Aloft Chart
PLT085 Interpret information on Takeoff Obstacle / Field / Climb Limit Charts
PLT086 Interpret readings on a Turn and Slip Indicator
PLT087 Interpret readings on an Aircraft Course and DME Indicator
PLT088 Interpret speed indicator readings
PLT089 Interpret Takeoff Speeds Chart
PLT090 Interpret VOR - charts / indications / CDI / NAV
PLT091 Interpret VOR / CDI - illustrations / indications / procedures
PLT092 Interpret weight and balance - diagram
PLT093 Recall administration of medical oxygen
PLT094 Recall aerodynamics - airfoil design / pressure distribution / effects of altitude
PLT095 Recall aerodynamics - longitudinal axis / lateral axis
PLT096 Recall aeromedical factors - effects of altitude
PLT097 Recall aeromedical factors - effects of carbon monoxide poisoning
PLT098 Recall aeromedical factors - fitness for flight
PLT099 Recall aeromedical factors - scanning procedures
PLT100 Recall aeronautical charts - IFR En Route Low Altitude
PLT101 Recall aeronautical charts - pilotage
PLT102 Recall aeronautical charts - terminal procedures
PLT103 Recall Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) - hazardous attitudes
PLT104 Recall Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) - human factors / CRM
PLT105 Recall airborne radar / thunderstorm detection equipment - use / limitations
PLT106 Recall aircraft air-cycle machine
PLT107 Recall aircraft alternator / generator system
PLT108 Recall aircraft anti-icing / deicing - methods / fluids
PLT109 Recall aircraft batteries - capacity / charging / types / storage / rating / precautions
PLT110 Recall aircraft brake system
PLT111 Recall aircraft circuitry - series / parallel
PLT112 Recall aircraft controls - proper use / techniques
PLT113 Recall aircraft design - categories / limitation factors
PLT114 Recall aircraft design - construction / function
PLT115 Recall aircraft engine - detonation/backfiring/after firing, cause/characteristics
PLT116 Recall aircraft general knowledge / publications / AIM / navigational aids
PLT117 Recall aircraft heated windshields
PLT118 Recall aircraft instruments - gyroscopic
PLT119 Recall aircraft lighting - anti-collision / landing / navigation
PLT120 Recall aircraft limitations - turbulent air penetration
PLT121 Recall aircraft loading - computations
PLT122 Recall aircraft operations - checklist usage
PLT123 Recall aircraft performance - airspeed
PLT124 Recall aircraft performance - atmospheric effects
PLT125 Recall aircraft performance - climb / descent
PLT126 Recall aircraft performance - cold weather operations
PLT127 Recall aircraft performance - density altitude
PLT128 Recall aircraft performance - effects of icing
PLT129 Recall aircraft performance - effects of runway slope / slope landing
PLT130 Recall aircraft performance - fuel
PLT131 Recall aircraft performance - ground effect
PLT132 Recall aircraft performance - instrument markings / airspeed / definitions / indications
PLT133 Recall aircraft performance - normal climb / descent rates
PLT134 Recall aircraft performance - takeoff
PLT135 Recall aircraft pressurization - system / operation
PLT136 Recall aircraft systems - anti-icing / deicing
PLT137 Recall aircraft systems - environmental control
PLT138 Recall aircraft landing gear/tires - types / characteristics
PLT139 Recall aircraft warning systems - stall / fire / retractable gear / terrain awareness
PLT140 Recall airport operations - LAHSO
PLT141 Recall airport operations - markings / signs / lighting
PLT142 Recall airport operations - noise avoidance routes
PLT143 Recall airport operations - rescue / fire fighting vehicles and types of agents
PLT144 Recall airport operations - runway conditions
PLT145 Recall airport operations - runway lighting
PLT146 Recall airport operations - traffic pattern procedures / communication procedures
PLT147 Recall airport operations - visual glideslope indicators
PLT148 Recall airport operations lighting - MALS / ALSF / RCLS / TDZL
PLT149 Recall airport preflight / taxi operations - procedures
PLT150 Recall airport traffic patterns - entry procedures
PLT151 Recall airship - buoyancy
PLT152 Recall airship - flight characteristics / controllability
PLT153 Recall airship - flight operations
PLT154 Recall airship - ground weight-off / static / trim condition
PLT155 Recall airship - maintaining pressure
PLT156 Recall airship - maximum headway / flight at equilibrium
PLT157 Recall airship - pressure height / dampers / position
PLT158 Recall airship - pressure height / manometers
PLT159 Recall airship - pressure height / super heat / valving gas
PLT160 Recall airship - stability / control / positive superheat
PLT161 Recall airspace classes - limits / requirements / restrictions / airspeeds / equipment
PLT162 Recall airspace requirements - operations
PLT163 Recall airspace requirements - visibility / cloud clearance
PLT164 Recall airspeed - effects during a turn
PLT165 Recall altimeter - effect of temperature changes
PLT166 Recall altimeter - settings / setting procedures
PLT167 Recall altimeters - characteristics / accuracy
PLT168 Recall angle of attack - characteristics / forces / principles
PLT169 Recall antitorque system - components / functions
PLT170 Recall approach / landing / taxiing techniques
PLT171 Recall ATC - reporting
PLT172 Recall ATC - system / services
PLT173 Recall atmospheric conditions - measurements / pressure / stability
PLT174 Recall autopilot / yaw damper - components / operating principles / characteristics / failure modes
PLT175 Recall autorotation
PLT176 Recall balance tab - purpose / operation
PLT177 Recall balloon - flight operations
PLT178 Recall balloon - flight operations / gas
PLT179 Recall balloon - ground weight-off / static equilibrium / load
PLT180 Recall balloon gas/hot air - lift / false lift / characteristics
PLT181 Recall balloon - hot air / physics
PLT182 Recall balloon - inspecting the fabric
PLT183 Recall balloon flight operations - ascent / descent
PLT184 Recall balloon flight operations - launch / landing
PLT185 Recall basic instrument flying - fundamental skills
PLT186 Recall basic instrument flying - pitch instruments
PLT187 Recall basic instrument flying - turn coordinator / turn and slip indicator
PLT188 Recall cabin atmosphere control
PLT189 Recall carburetor - effects of carburetor heat / heat control
PLT190 Recall carburetor ice - factors affecting / causing
PLT191 Recall carburetors - types / components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT192 Recall clouds - types / formation / resulting weather
PLT193 Recall cockpit voice recorder (CVR) - operating principles / characteristics / testing
PLT194 Recall collision avoidance - scanning techniques
PLT195 Recall collision avoidance - TCAS
PLT196 Recall communications - ATIS broadcasts
PLT197 Recall Coriolis effect
PLT198 Recall course / heading - effects of wind
PLT199 Recall cyclic control pressure - characteristics
PLT200 Recall dead reckoning - calculations / charts
PLT201 Recall departure procedures - ODP / SID
PLT202 Recall DME - characteristics / accuracy / indications / Arc
PLT203 Recall earth`s atmosphere - layers / characteristics / solar energy
PLT204 Recall effective communication - basic elements
PLT205 Recall effects of alcohol on the body
PLT206 Recall effects of temperature - density altitude / icing
PLT207 Recall electrical system - components / operating principles / characteristics / static bonding and shielding
PLT208 Recall emergency conditions / procedures
PLT210 Recall engine shutdown - normal / abnormal / emergency / precautions
PLT211 Recall evaluation testing characteristics
PLT212 Recall fire extinguishing systems - components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT213 Recall flight characteristics - longitudinal stability / instability
PLT214 Recall flight characteristics - structural / wing design
PLT215 Recall flight instruments - magnetic compass
PLT216 Recall flight instruments - total energy compensators
PLT217 Recall flight maneuvers - quick stop
PLT218 Recall flight operations - common student errors
PLT219 Recall flight operations - maneuvers
PLT220 Recall flight operations - night and high altitude operations
PLT221 Recall flight operations - takeoff / landing maneuvers
PLT222 Recall flight operations - takeoff procedures
PLT223 Recall flight operations multiengine - engine inoperative procedures
PLT224 Recall flight plan - IFR
PLT225 Recall flight plan - requirements
PLT226 Recall fog - types / formation / resulting weather
PLT227 Recall FOI techniques - integrated flight instruction
PLT228 Recall FOI techniques - lesson plans
PLT229 Recall FOI techniques - professionalism
PLT230 Recall FOI techniques - responsibilities
PLT231 Recall FOI techniques / human behavior - anxiety / fear / stress
PLT232 Recall FOI techniques / human behavior - dangerous tendencies
PLT233 Recall FOI techniques / human behavior - defense mechanisms
PLT234 Recall forces acting on aircraft - 3 axis intersect
PLT235 Recall forces acting on aircraft - aerodynamics
PLT236 Recall forces acting on aircraft - airfoil / center of pressure / mean camber line
PLT237 Recall forces acting on aircraft - airspeed / air density / lift / drag
PLT238 Recall forces acting on aircraft - aspect ratio
PLT239 Recall forces acting on aircraft - buoyancy / drag / gravity / thrust
PLT240 Recall forces acting on aircraft - CG / flight characteristics
PLT241 Recall forces acting on aircraft - drag / gravity / thrust / lift
PLT242 Recall forces acting on aircraft - lift / drag / thrust / weight / stall / limitations
PLT243 Recall forces acting on aircraft - propeller / torque
PLT244 Recall forces acting on aircraft - stability / controllability
PLT245 Recall forces acting on aircraft - stalls / spins
PLT246 Recall forces acting on aircraft - steady state climb / flight
PLT247 Recall forces acting on aircraft - thrust / drag / weight / lift
PLT248 Recall forces acting on aircraft - turns
PLT249 Recall fuel - air mixture
PLT250 Recall fuel - types / characteristics / contamination / fueling / defueling / precautions
PLT251 Recall fuel characteristics / contaminants / additives
PLT252 Recall fuel dump system - components / methods
PLT253 Recall fuel system - components / operating principles / characteristics / leaks
PLT254 Recall fuel tank - components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT255 Recall fueling procedures - safety / grounding / calculating volume
PLT256 Recall glider performance - effect of loading
PLT257 Recall glider performance - speed / distance / ballast / lift / drag
PLT258 Recall ground reference maneuvers - ground track diagram
PLT259 Recall ground resonance - conditions to occur
PLT260 Recall gyroplane - aerodynamics / rotor systems
PLT261 Recall hail - characteristics / hazards
PLT262 Recall helicopter hazards - dynamic rollover / Low G / LTE
PLT263 Recall hazardous weather - fog / icing / turbulence / visibility restriction
PLT264 Recall helicopter approach - settling with power
PLT265 Recall helicopter takeoff / landing - ground resonance action required
PLT266 Recall high lift devices - characteristics / functions
PLT267 Recall hot air balloon - weight-off procedure
PLT268 Recall hovering - aircraft performance / tendencies
PLT269 Recall human behavior - defense mechanism
PLT270 Recall human behavior - social / self fulfillment / physical
PLT271 Recall human factors (ADM) - judgment
PLT272 Recall human factors - stress management
PLT273 Recall hydraulic systems - components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT274 Recall icing - formation / characteristics
PLT275 Recall ILS - indications / HSI
PLT276 Recall ILS - indications / OBS / CDI
PLT277 Recall ILS - marker beacon / indicator lights / codes
PLT278 Recall indicating systems - airspeed / angle of attack / attitude / heading / manifold pressure / synchro / EGT
PLT279 Recall Inertial/Doppler Navigation System principles / regulations / requirements / limitations
PLT280 Recall inflight illusions - causes / sources
PLT281 Recall information in a Chart Supplements U.S.
PLT282 Recall information in the certificate holder`s manual
PLT283 Recall information on a Constant Pressure Analysis Chart
PLT284 Recall information on a Forecast Winds and Temperatures Aloft (FB)
PLT285 Recall information on a Height Velocity Diagram
PLT286 Recall information on a Significant Weather Prognostic Chart
PLT287 Recall information on a Surface Analysis Chart
PLT288 Recall information on a Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF)
PLT289 Recall information on a Weather Depiction Chart
PLT290 Recall information on AIRMETS / SIGMETS
PLT292 Recall information on an Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP)
PLT293 Recall information on an Instrument Departure Procedure Chart
PLT294 Recall information on Inflight Aviation Weather Advisories
PLT295 Recall instructor techniques - obstacles / planning / activities / outcome
PLT296 Recall instrument procedures - holding / circling
PLT297 Recall instrument procedures - unusual attitude / unusual attitude recovery
PLT298 Recall instrument procedures - VFR on top
PLT300 Recall instrument/navigation system checks/inspections - limits / tuning / identifying / logging
PLT301 Recall inversion layer - characteristics
PLT302 Recall jet stream - types / characteristics
PLT303 Recall L/D ratio
PLT304 Recall launch / aero-tow procedures
PLT305 Recall leading edge devices - types / effect / purpose / operation
PLT306 Recall learning process - levels of learning / transfer of learning / incidental/ learning
PLT307 Recall learning process - memory / fact / recall
PLT308 Recall learning process - laws of learning elements
PLT309 Recall load factor - angle of bank
PLT310 Recall load factor - characteristics
PLT311 Recall load factor - effect of airspeed
PLT312 Recall load factor - maneuvering / stall speed
PLT313 Recall loading - limitations / terminology
PLT314 Recall longitudinal axis - aerodynamics / center of gravity / direction of motion
PLT315 Recall Machmeter - principles / functions
PLT316 Recall meteorology - severe weather watch (WW)
PLT317 Recall microburst - characteristics / hazards
PLT318 Recall minimum fuel advisory
PLT319 Recall navigation - celestial / navigation chart / characteristics
PLT320 Recall navigation - true north / magnetic north
PLT321 Recall navigation - types of landing systems
PLT322 Recall navigation - VOR / NAV system
PLT323 Recall NOTAMS - classes / information / distribution
PLT324 Recall oil system - types / components / functions / oil specifications
PLT325 Recall operations manual - transportation of prisoner
PLT326 Recall oxygen system - components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT327 Recall oxygen system - install / inspect / repair / service / precautions / leaks
PLT328 Recall performance planning - aircraft loading
PLT329 Recall physiological factors - cabin pressure
PLT330 Recall physiological factors - cause / effects of hypoxia
PLT331 Recall physiological factors - effects of scuba diving / smoking
PLT332 Recall physiological factors - hyperventilation / stress / fatigue
PLT333 Recall physiological factors - night vision
PLT334 Recall physiological factors - spatial disorientation
PLT335 Recall pilotage - calculations
PLT337 Recall pitot-static system - components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT338 Recall pneumatic system - operation
PLT340 Recall positive exchange of flight controls
PLT341 Recall power settling - characteristics
PLT342 Recall powerplant - controlling engine temperature
PLT343 Recall powerplant - operating principles / operational characteristics / inspecting
PLT344 Recall precipitation - types / characteristics
PLT345 Recall pressure altitude
PLT346 Recall primary / secondary flight controls - types / purpose / functionality / operation
PLT347 Recall principles of flight - critical engine
PLT348 Recall principles of flight - turns
PLT349 Recall procedures for confined areas
PLT350 Recall propeller operations - constant / variable speed
PLT351 Recall propeller system - types / components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT352 Recall purpose / operation of a stabilizer
PLT353 Recall Radar Summary Chart
PLT354 Recall radio - GPS / RNAV / RAIM
PLT355 Recall radio - HSI
PLT356 Recall radio - ILS / compass locator
PLT357 Recall radio - ILS
PLT358 Recall radio - LOC / ILS
PLT363 Recall radio - VOR / VOT
PLT364 Recall radio system - license requirements / frequencies
PLT365 Recall reciprocating engine - components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT366 Recall regulations - accident / incident reporting and preserving wreckage
PLT367 Recall regulations - additional equipment/operating requirements large transport aircraft
PLT368 Recall regulations - admission to flight deck
PLT369 Recall regulations - aerobatic flight requirements
PLT370 Recall regulations - Air Traffic Control authorization / clearances
PLT371 Recall regulations - Aircraft Category / Class
PLT372 Recall regulations - aircraft inspection / records / expiration
PLT373 Recall regulations - aircraft operating limitations
PLT374 Recall regulations - aircraft owner / operator responsibilities
PLT375 Recall regulations - aircraft return to service
PLT376 Recall regulations - airspace, other, special use / TFRS
PLT377 Recall regulations - airworthiness certificates / requirements / responsibilities
PLT378 Recall regulations - Airworthiness Directives
PLT379 Recall regulations - alternate airport requirements
PLT380 Recall regulations - alternate airport weather minima
PLT381 Recall regulations - altimeter settings
PLT382 Recall regulations - approach minima
PLT383 Recall regulations - basic flight rules
PLT384 Recall regulations - briefing of passengers
PLT385 Recall regulations - cargo in passenger compartment
PLT386 Recall regulations - certificate issuance / renewal
PLT387 Recall regulations - change of address
PLT388 Recall regulations - cockpit voice / flight data recorder(s)
PLT389 Recall regulations - commercial operation requirements / conditions / OpSpecs
PLT390 Recall regulations - communications en route
PLT391 Recall regulations - communications failure
PLT392 Recall regulations - compliance with local regulations
PLT393 Recall regulations - controlled / restricted airspace - requirements
PLT394 Recall regulations - declaration of an emergency
PLT395 Recall regulations - definitions
PLT396 Recall regulations - departure alternate airport
PLT397 Recall regulations - destination airport visibility
PLT398 Recall regulations - dispatch
PLT399 Recall regulations - display / inspection of licenses and certificates
PLT400 Recall regulations - documents to be carried on aircraft during flight
PLT401 Recall regulations - dropping / aerial application / towing restrictions
PLT402 Recall regulations - ELT requirements
PLT403 Recall regulations - emergency deviation from regulations
PLT404 Recall regulations - emergency equipment
PLT405 Recall regulations - equipment / instrument / certificate requirements
PLT406 Recall regulations - equipment failure
PLT407 Recall regulations - experience / training requirements
PLT408 Recall regulations - fire extinguisher requirements
PLT409 Recall regulations - flight / duty time
PLT410 Recall regulations - flight engineer qualifications / privileges / responsibilities
PLT411 Recall regulations - flight instructor limitations / qualifications
PLT412 Recall regulations - flight release
PLT413 Recall regulations - fuel requirements
PLT414 Recall regulations - general right-of-way rules
PLT415 Recall regulations - IFR flying
PLT416 Recall regulations - immediate notification
PLT417 Recall regulations - individual flotation devices
PLT418 Recall regulations - instructor demonstrations / authorizations
PLT419 Recall regulations - instructor requirements / responsibilities
PLT420 Recall regulations - instrument approach procedures
PLT421 Recall regulations - instrument flight rules
PLT422 Recall regulations - intermediate airport authorizations
PLT423 Recall regulations - knowledge and skill test checks
PLT424 Recall regulations - limits on autopilot usage
PLT425 Recall regulations - maintenance reports / records / entries
PLT426 Recall regulations - maintenance requirements
PLT427 Recall regulations - medical certificate requirements / validity
PLT428 Recall regulations - minimum equipment list
PLT429 Recall regulations - minimum flight / navigation instruments
PLT430 Recall regulations - minimum safe / flight altitude
PLT431 Recall regulations - operating near other aircraft
PLT432 Recall regulations - operational control functions
PLT433 Recall regulations - operational flight plan requirements
PLT434 Recall regulations - operational procedures for a controlled airport
PLT435 Recall regulations - operational procedures for an uncontrolled airport
PLT436 Recall regulations - operations manual
PLT437 Recall regulations - overwater operations
PLT438 Recall regulations - oxygen requirements
PLT439 Recall regulations - persons authorized to perform maintenance
PLT440 Recall regulations - Pilot / Crew duties and responsibilities
PLT441 Recall regulations - pilot briefing
PLT442 Recall regulations - pilot currency requirements
PLT443 Recall regulations - pilot qualifications / privileges / responsibilities / crew complement
PLT444 Recall regulations - pilot-in-command authority / responsibility
PLT445 Recall regulations - preflight requirements
PLT446 Recall regulations - preventative maintenance
PLT447 Recall regulations - privileges / limitations of medical certificates
PLT448 Recall regulations - privileges / limitations of pilot certificates
PLT449 Recall regulations - proficiency check requirements
PLT450 Recall regulations - qualifications / duty time
PLT451 Recall regulations - ratings issued / experience requirements / limitations
PLT452 Recall regulations - re-dispatch
PLT453 Recall regulations - records retention for domestic / flag air carriers
PLT454 Recall regulations - required aircraft / equipment inspections
PLT455 Recall regulations - requirements of a flight plan release
PLT456 Recall regulations - runway requirements
PLT457 Recall regulations - student pilot endorsements / other endorsements
PLT458 Recall regulations - submission / revision of Policy and Procedure Manuals
PLT459 Recall regulations - takeoff procedures / minimums
PLT460 Recall regulations - training programs
PLT461 Recall regulations - use of aircraft lights
PLT462 Recall regulations - use of microphone / megaphone / interphone / public address system
PLT463 Recall regulations alcohol or drugs
PLT464 Recall regulations - use of safety belts / harnesses (crew member)
PLT465 Recall regulations - use of seats / safety belts / harnesses (passenger)
PLT466 Recall regulations - V speeds
PLT467 Recall regulations - visual flight rules and limitations
PLT468 Recall regulations - Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC)
PLT469 Recall regulations - weather radar
PLT470 Recall rotor system - types / components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT471 Recall rotorcraft transmission - components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT472 Recall rotorcraft vibration - characteristics / sources
PLT473 Recall secondary flight controls - types / purpose / functionality
PLT474 Recall soaring - normal procedures
PLT475 Recall squall lines - formation / characteristics / resulting weather
PLT476 Recall stabilizer - purpose / operation
PLT477 Recall stalls - characteristics / factors / recovery / precautions
PLT478 Recall starter / ignition system - types / components / operating principles / characteristics
PLT479 Recall starter system - starting procedures
PLT480 Recall static/dynamic stability/instability - characteristics
PLT481 Recall student evaluation - learning process
PLT482 Recall student evaluation - written tests / oral quiz / critiques
PLT483 Recall supercharger - characteristics / operation
PLT484 Recall symbols - chart / navigation
PLT485 Recall taxiing / crosswind / techniques
PLT486 Recall taxiing / takeoff - techniques / procedures
PLT487 Recall teaching methods - demonstration / performance
PLT488 Recall teaching methods - group / guided discussion / lecture
PLT489 Recall teaching methods - known to unknown
PLT490 Recall teaching methods - motivation / student feelings of insecurity
PLT491 Recall teaching methods - organizing material / course of training
PLT492 Recall temperature - effects on weather formations
PLT493 Recall the dynamics of frost / ice / snow formation on an aircraft
PLT494 Recall thermals - types / characteristics / formation / locating / maneuvering / corrective actions
PLT495 Recall thunderstorms - types / characteristics / formation / hazards / precipitation static
PLT496 Recall towrope - strength / safety links / positioning
PLT497 Recall transponder - codes / operations / usage
PLT498 Recall Transportation Security Regulations
PLT499 Recall turbine engines - components / operational characteristics / associated instruments
PLT500 Recall turboprop engines - components / operational characteristics
PLT501 Recall turbulence - types / characteristics / reporting / corrective actions
PLT502 Recall universal signals - hand / light / visual
PLT503 Recall use of narcotics / drugs / intoxicating liquor
PLT504 Recall use of training aids - types / function / purpose
PLT505 Recall use of training aids - usefulness / simplicity / compatibility
PLT506 Recall V speeds - maneuvering / flap extended / gear extended / V1, V2, r, ne, mo, mc, mg, etc.
PLT507 Recall VOR - indications / VOR / VOT / CDI
PLT508 Recall VOR/altimeter/transponder checks - identification / tuning / identifying / logging
PLT509 Recall wake turbulence - characteristics / avoidance techniques
PLT510 Recall weather - causes / formation
PLT511 Recall weather associated with frontal activity / air masses
PLT512 Recall weather conditions - temperature / moisture / dewpoint
PLT513 Recall weather information - FAA Avcams
PLT514 Recall weather reporting systems - briefings / forecasts / reports / AWOS / ASOS
PLT515 Recall weather services - TIBS / TPC / WFO / HIWAS
PLT516 Recall winds - types / characteristics
PLT517 Recall winds associated with high / low-pressure systems
PLT518 Recall windshear - characteristics / hazards / power management
PLT519 Recall wing spoilers - purpose / operation
PLT520 Calculate density altitude
PLT521 Recall helicopter takeoff / landing - slope operations
PLT522 Recall helicopter - Pinnacle / Ridgeline operations
PLT523 Recall vortex generators - purpose / effects / aerodynamics
PLT524 Interpret / Program information on an avionics display
PLT525 Interpret table - oxygen / fuel / oil / accumulator / fire extinguisher
PLT526 Recall near midair collision report
PLT527 Recall BASIC VFR - weather minimums
PLT528 Recall regulations - small UAS operations / weight limitations
PLT529 Recall physiological factors - prescription and over-the-counter drugs
PLT530 Recall regulations - small UAS aircraft registration / display of registration
PLT531 Recall regulations - operation of multiple sUAs
PLT532 Recall operating limitations - small UAS aircraft visibility / distance from clouds
PLT533 Recall regulations - small UAS operation over humans
PLT534 Recall regulations - small UAS operational control / condition for safe operation / VLOS / frequency interference
PLT535 Recall regulations - hazardous operations
PLT536 Recall physiological factors - dehydration / heat stroke
PLT537 Recall regulations - sUAS waivers
PLT538 Recall regulations – BasicMed
PLT539 Recall information in a POH/AFM
PLT540 Recall airport operations – rotating beacon
PLT541 Recall information on an Aircraft Registration Certificate
PLT542 Recall airport operations - radio failure
PLT543 Recall Regulations – RVSM
PLT544 Recall Voluntary Reporting Programs – ASAP / NASA

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