Cessna Flight Training System

Transforming Student Pilots into Pilots-In-Command

Cessna Pilot Centers

Cessna Pilot Centers
For over 20 years, the Cessna Flight Training System has been on the cutting edge of flight training at Cessna Pilot Centers throughout the country.

This innovative system integrates ground school and flight training, and provides a video demonstration of everything learning pilots will do in the air—making them totally prepared and confident. Plus, it includes a complete FAA test prep program. The courses can be taken either online, or offline using free Companion apps.
Other Flight Schools

Other Flight Schools
Since 1998, The Cessna Flight Training System has been the exclusive training system used at Cessna Pilot Centers throughout the country. Now this system is available to all flight schools.

The Cessna Flight Training System is a fully-integrated ground school, test prep and flight training curriculum that takes your customers from Sport/Private to Flight Instructor. It incorporates student progress tracking and reports, including customer activity and marketing reports to help you grow your business.
High Schools
Universities Colleges High Schools
Universities, colleges and high schools have unique advantages when using the Cessna Flight Training System with partnered flight schools or with their own in-house aviation training department.

Instructors and professors can track their students' training and home-study progress throughout the entire learning process. They can see where their students excel and where they require more instruction.

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