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Practical Risk Management For Weather

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Practical Risk Management For Weather—For Both The VFR and IFR Pilot—
How to make the right weather decisions quickly and with confidence.

Weather-related accidents cause, by far, the highest level of fatalities in general aviation. That's because weather flying, VFR or IFR, places the greatest demands on a pilot. More than any other risk factor in flight, changing weather frequently requires pilots to alter their plans—and weather especially requires proactive, rather than reactive, risk management.

          Practical Risk Management For Weather

Weather Decisions Aren't Easy

Weather is unforgiving. It can kill you and the people you love. And, the sad ... truly tragic fact is that every weather-related accident could have been avoided ... every single one!

If you're like most pilots, weather decisions are not always easy. Should I go? ... What if the weather changes? ... How will I know if the weather changes? ... What are the risks? ... are common questions that many pilots have difficulty answering.

You'll Learn how to Manage Weather Risks

This course, even though it is titled Practical Risk Management For Weather, it is not about the weather itself. You already know about the weather.

What this course is about is managing the risks associated with weather and its constantly changing reality. It's about understanding your options ... and recognizing them quickly so you can make the right decisions, in a timely manner.

Using the Practical Risk Management CARE and PAVE checklists, you'll learn techniques for making specific weather decisions so you can plan and fly with confidence.

  • How to manage risks in poor weather
  • What the risks really are
  • Defining your personal weather minimums
  • Using 'Conservatism Without Guilt'
  • Safe flying in haze
  • Approaches to minimums ... YOUR minimums
  • Risks associated with VFR weather flying
  • Risks associated with IFR weather flying
  • The slippery bridge between VFR and IFR weather flying
  • What your autopilot means to your weather decisions
  • Day versus night weather flying
  • What role your aircraft performance plays in your weather decisions
  • Strategies for getting and interpreting weather information
  • Terrain and weather considerations
  • Weather-related workload reduction strategies
  • What radar means to your weather planning
  • Weather changes: how to anticipate them and what they mean
  • Weather consequences beyond the obvious
  • Choosing new alternatives
  • Plus hundreds of never before published weather specific tips

Become Proactive About Weather Rick Management

When you complete Practical Risk Management For Weather, you'll make weather decisions with greater confidence. Rather than having the weather act on you, you'll be ahead of the weather and what it means to your flying. As a result, you'll have more opportunity to fly ... with less stress ... and your flying will be smarter, safer and more fun!

Accepted for FAA WINGS Credit             Qualifies for Avemco SRP 

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Practical Risk Management For Weather, Practical Risk Management For Takeoffs & LandingsPractical Risk Management For Reluctant Passengers and Their Pilots, and Practical Risk Management For Single-Pilot IFR qualify for the same great 5% Avemco Premium Credit as the original Practical Risk Management For Pilots. Please contact Avemco for all the program details.

"Very informative and very well done!
After flying for 36 years I still learned a lot!"
James R. Torley • Colorado Springs, CO

Supported Operating Systems: 32-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7. Minimum System Requirements: 8X CD drive.

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