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Practical Risk Management For Reluctant Passengers And Their Pilots

FREE: Practical Risk Management For Reluctant Passengers And Their Pilots when your order tops $450

This innovative, interactive course lets passengers and their pilots work together to create meaningful pre-flight and in-flight roles that lead to shared enjoyment and roles in the risk management of the flight.

Because pilots and passengers often see flying differently, what thrills one can often be very stressful to the other. And ... even passengers who enjoy flying at first can develop a strong dislike for flying if they feel that things are out of their control.

How This Course will Change Flying Together

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When you've completed the course, you'll see flying through each other's eyes and you'll know how to take a joint path to productive participation. You will have learned risk-management skills and gained communication tools that will increase your confidence. The passenger will become engaged as the pilot shares control—and both of you will gain immense satisfaction that will make your flying fun!

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