Practical Risk Management Course Series

Practical Risk Management Course Series

In October 2002, Jim Lauerman, the Executive Vice President and Chief Underwriting Officer of Avemco Insurance Company, wrote to John King enthusiastically endorsing an article in FLYING Magazine about risk management that featured an interview with John.

That letter, and the discussions that followed, lead to the development of the first Practical Risk Management For Pilots course that is changing the way general aviation thinks about, and teaches, risk management. The course is a best seller and has received widespread acclaim from the general aviation press, and from such significant institutions as the FAA and the Medallion Foundation. It was cited as a significant contribution when John King was recently awarded the Excellence in Pilot Training Award by the National Air Transportation Association (NATA). Most important, KING customers have written, over and over again, that the course has made them better pilots, their flying less stressful and more fun, and, in some cases, it saved their lives.

Based on that course's value and importance to pilots, we expanded the Practical Risk Management series with Practical Risk Management For Weather. This course focuses on the important weather decisions that every pilot has to make before takeoff and ... even more vital, in the air.

Practical Risk Management For Takeoffs and Landings focuses on the superior decision-making and perceptual skills necessary for every takeoff and landing.

Practical Risk Management For Reluctant Passengers and Their Pilots focuses on how to turn fear and anxiety into productive participation and fun!

NEW...Practical Risk Management For Single-Pilot IFR. This course focuses on how to turn stress into confidence. You'll receive the tools to fly a piston-powered aircraft single-pilot IFR on trips, with less stress and strain, and with far better risk management.

It is all in pursuit of our goal of making your flying Smart, Safe, and Fun!

Practical Risk Management For Pilots Practical Risk Management For Pilots

If you are like most pilots, flying an airplane is about as good as it gets—fun, exhilarating, challenging and even empowering— but as you know there are risks in flying. 85% of general aviation accidents can be prevented—including yours!

Price: $49.00

Practical Risk Management For Weather Practical Risk Management For Weather

Weather-related accidents cause, by far, the highest level of fatalities in general aviation. That's because weather flying, VFR or IFR, places the greatest demands on a pilot. More than any other risk factor in flight, changing weather frequently requires pilots to alter their plans.

Price: $49.00

Practical Risk Management for Takeoffs and Landings Practical Risk Management For Takeoffs and Landings

50% of all accidents occur during takeoffs and landings. That's because these critical phases of flight require not only physical skill but also superior decision-making risk management that's frequently overlooked during typical flight training.

Price: $49.00

Practical Risk Management For Reluctant Passengers and Their Pilots Practical Risk Management For Reluctant Passengers and Their Pilots

If you're like many pilots, then you remember the excitement of taking your spouse, significant other, or close friend flying only to have them clearly dislike the experience and in many cases swear never to fly again. Now ... for the first time ... there's a course that can help you turn this fear and anxiety into productive participation and fun!

Price: $49.00

Practical Risk Management For Single-Pilot IFR Practical Risk Management For Single-Pilot IFR

With the skills you'll learn from Practical Risk Management For Single-Pilot IFR, you'll be able to fly single-pilot IFR safely, expertly and confidently while fitting in with the system—even at unfamiliar, busy airports.

Price: $49.00

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