King Schools Private Pilot Get It All Study Kit
King Schools
Private Pilot Get It All Study Kit
King Schools Private Pilot Get It All Kit
The 28-piece
Private Pilot Get It All Study Kit
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The Fun Way to Your Private Pilot Certificate!
Guarantee your success with the most trusted courses in aviation

Private Pilot Get It All Study Kit

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Everything you need to easily pass your Private Pilot FAA exams,
PLUS build on your aviation knowledge for years to come.

  • Learn what to expect from an actual FAA examiner
  • Master every maneuver with exciting in-flight footage
  • Laugh as you learn with John and Martha´s trademark teaching style
  • Pass your tests the first time or it´s free!

Our Customers Love This Kit...

"I would recommend the "Get It All" to everyone. The additional DVD´s provide a great reference and expand on the knowledge course tremendously." ~Dennis C Mumford • Vancouver, WA

"Nicely put together. Very thorough. Easy to understand format. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in flying." ~Frank Marchisella • Blountville, TN

"Excellent presentation, very easy to follow with material organized in informative manner—so much for such a great price." ~Bart Lamb • Bull Valley, IL

"Made studying possible for someone that has not studied in 30 years." ~Doug Brickly • Point Charlotte, FL

"I passed my written with a 100%!" ~Craig Warner • Holland, MI

"Knowledge Test, Oral+Checkride all passed on my first attempt. Thanks for the great series of videos!" ~Kevin O'Keefe • Everett, WA

"I wish I had purchased the total package the day I started training. Actually, I should have bought it several months before!" ~Galen Witte • Darwin, MN

What will I learn?

You will Pass Your Knowledge Test—Guaranteed!

The King Schools Private Pilot Get it All Kit includes your full and complete ground school that covers all the subjects that you need to know in order to take and pass your FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test. We thoroughly cover the subject areas in a fun and easy to understand presentation. Your learning is reinforced by answering the actual FAA test questions that automatically follow each segment.

The subject areas covered include:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Flight Instruments
  • Sectional Charts
  • Airspace and Weather Minimums
  • Communication & Radar Services
  • Radar Services Radio Navigation
  • Flight Operations
  • Weather
  • Federal Aviation Regulations

The King Schools Practical Test Course will help you Ace your Checkride – Guaranteed.
Learn What Your "Checkride" test will be like.

Your Practical Test, commonly referred to as your Checkride, consists of two parts—an Oral Exam conducted before you go flying and an in-flight test in which you demonstrate your skills in the aircraft.

You'll Pass--The first time!

  • Go from handshake to handshake with an actual FAA examiner. Your course covers everything you need to know
  • Learn what your examiner wants to hear and how to say it
  • See the flight maneuvers you need to know with stunning in-flight footage and cockpit demonstrations
  • You will learn how to demonstrate your aviation knowledge, including subjects like regulations, aeromedical factors, aircraft systems, and airspace.
  • You will learn how to demonstrate the required maneuvers and good risk management, including situational awareness, collision avoidance, cockpit resource management and the appropriate use of checklist.

Clear Flight Training Hurdles with Ease!
Your Get It All Kit includes training courses and books to help enhance your training experience.

It's much more economical to learn the important concepts you will need to perform in the airplane before you climb into the cockpit.

These courses are specifically designed to ensure you'll fly smart and impress your instructor with your skills. Discover how to overcome the common training hurdles with King Special Subject Courses and learn about areas important to being a knowledgeable and skilled pilot.

From the first time you taxi out onto the runway, to flying your cross-country, King Schools will be with you every step of the way with the single-subject course videos included in your kit.

You learn How to...

  • Takeoff and Land
  • Communicate on the radio
  • Prepare for cross-country flying
  • Understand weather conditions and reports
  • Use your charts and instruments to navigate over long distances
  • Overcome emergencies and manage risks
  • Understand your personal minimums
  • Fly safely at night

...And much, much more!

What's included?

The King Schools Private Pilot Get It All Kit is the complete package ensuring you fly smart and fly smart. Hand-picked by King Schools' expert flight instructors and John and Martha, your kit includes:

COMPLETE FAA Test Preparation...

You get our award winning test courses that we guarantee will pass your FAA exam or your money back. Read our money back guarantee.

...PLUS, Comprehensive Flight Preparation

You also get these 14 KING "Takeoff courses" to keep you on top of your game for years to come.

...AND essential FAA Publications and pilot tools

No kit would be complete without these critical resources—the very ones we use in our courses!

Private Pilot Knowledge Test Course
Your Complete Ground School

Private Pilot Knowledge Test CoursePass your FAA Knowledge Exam, guaranteed. Plus, gain the knowledge you need to identify and manage the risks of flight so you'll be ready to be Pilot-In-Command.

KING's clear, simple, fun presentation means you get the big picture you need to be the true master of your flight. You'll have the practical tools to really use your license. And having the big picture means you'll be ready to deal with the unexpected. You'll know how to make timely decisions and take action before you and your passengers are at risk—so your flying will be confident and fun.

Here's What You Get...

  • KING Private Pilot Course
  • Personalized graduation certificate suitable for framing
  • KING electronic coursebook with online course, printed book with disc course
  • FREE online FAR/AIM

Private Pilot Practical Test Course
Pass Your FAA Oral Exam
& Flight Test With Ease!

Private Pilot Practical Test CourseYour Practical Test, or "Checkride", consists of an oral exam conducted before you go flying and an in-flight test in which you demonstrate your skills in the aircraft.

No other course does for you what our practical test courses do. John takes you along on a simulated test with a real FAA examiner for both the oral exam and the flight test, covering everything you need to know—with stunning in-flight footage and cockpit demonstrations . When completed, you'll know exactly how to demoonstrate your knowledge during the oral and how to perform every aerial maneuver flawlessly.

The earlier you know what's required for your Practical Test, the more prepared you'll be.

VFR Cross-Country Flying

VFR Cross-Country Flying

Filmed over majestic terrain, this step-by-step guide to planning & flying a fun, safe VFR cross-country trip is for seasoned & new pilots alike. You'll learn hidden traps to avoid, tips to keep you out of trouble, how to make navigation easy, ways to obtain & evaluate weather while enroute, and a flight-tracking system—so you'll never get lost! Plus, learn the most important consideration & how to avoid the most dangerous mistake. 114 minutes

Weather Wise

Weather Wise

Understand the dynamics of fog, ice, thunderstorms, pressure patterns, and frontal systems ... so you can predict and plan for local conditions. Know how to accurately plan your fuel, so you always land with adequate reserves—even in the strongest headwinds. Know when to trust the forecast—and when not to—and how to make smarter decisions in the toughest IFR conditions.

METAR / TAF Made Easy


You'll breeze through the FAA's METAR/TAF with this simple-to-understand course. In-flight footage and colorful 3-D graphics take you into the weather to vividly illustrate fog, rain squalls and thunderstorms—from the cockpit. Plus, learn an easy trick for remembering each code—with just one viewing, you'll be current. 80 minutes

Navigation From A-Z

Navigation From A-Z

Here's the information you need to get the most out of your equipment—whether you fly with a basic panel, or an approach-certified GPS. You'll see how pilotage, dead reckoning & determining lines of position are still valuable to you, even if you fly with the most modern equipment. Learn things you never knew about VORs, NDBs & LORAN—go beyond to fully explore the world of GPS, HSIs, RMIs, EFIS & flight management systems. 134 minutes

Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy

Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy

With this course you'll change takeoffs and landings from a trial to a joy. You'll impress your passengers (and yourself) with flawless takeoffs and landings even in stiff crosswinds.

Exciting live-action video puts you in the cockpit, at the controls, giving you the sight picture you need for approaches and flares that will have your wheels softly kissing the ground. You learn how to see at a glance whether you're too high, too low or off to one side and you'll gain the tools you need to put yourself right back on the rail. You'll even learn how to recover gracefully from the rare botched flare or touchdown. When you're done you'll be one of the countless KING students who say, "I learned to land by watching your course." 70 minutes

Surviving Your Most Feared Emergencies

Surviving Your Most Feared Emergencies

Do you ever wonder whether you'd survive your most feared emergency? King Schools Emergencies—prepares you to deal quickly and decisively with the most feared emergencies that send shivers down every pilots spine—engine failure, fires, stalls and spins, and getting lost. Plus when to declare an emergency, and procedures common to all emergencies.

Even a single viewing can increase your chances of an equal number of successful takeoffs and landings. 64 minutes.

The Complete Airspace Review

The Complete Airspace Review

Know how to use the airspace to your advantage—stay safe and legal in this complex system. Thoroughly covers the FAA's international alphabet soup of airspace requirements—classes A through G, plus TRSAs, etc.—and converts it to easy-to-understand information.

You'll actually see on-screen how the alphabet airspace system is designed—and what each class means to you. You'll learn a foolproof, fun way to remember specifics about each class of airspace. You'll also review other kinds of airspace you should know about—Special Use Airspace, Controlled Firing Areas, Military Training Routes, Temporary Flight Restrictions, Special Conservation Areas and more. 109 minutes

Night Flying

Night Flying

In-the-air video lets you experience the beauty of flight at night. You'll see how to use all the resources, tools and tricks of the trade for the added utility and enjoyment of night flying—plus review preflight planning considerations for local and cross-country night flights.

Covers critical areas like: improving your night vision and understanding optical illusions you'll encounter, maximizing cockpit lighting, runway and airport lighting aids and markers, night regs, courtesies to extend to your fellow pilots after dark, and preflight considerations.

Get prepared to spot other aircraft and quickly determine their direction, to deal with night emergencies and engine failure, and even to select suitable emergency landing spots. 43 minutes

Taming Stalls & Spins

Taming Stalls and Spins

You'll quickly learn what causes a stall ... how it can transition to a spin ... how to instantly recognize & avoid situations that might result in loss of control ... & steps to take in the event you find yourself in a stalled condition. Dramatic in-flight video compellingly demonstrates the aerodynamics of stalls & spins during everyday flight. Understanding the nature of stalls and spins before you get in the cockpit makes it easier to recognize when you need to take action when you're in actual flight. A "must" for every pilot—regardless of your experience. 83 minutes

Making Your Own Rules- Personal Minimums

Making Your Own Rules--Personal Minimums

If you've scared someone you care about while they were flying with you, you already know they will remember it forever. Now there's a way to make sure you never scare your passengers ... or if you have, to never do it again. The answer—Making Your Own Rules: Developing Your Personal Minimums Checklist.

Developed with the FAA, this course uses a dramatic in-flight scenario to help you design your own checklist for real-world flying. This checklist will give you the tools to make good preflight decisions—to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. 69 minutes



Demystify "tower talk" & feel in control on the radio. Through real-world communications with actual controllers you'll learn first-hand proper communication procedures, techniques to use in every class of airspace, & how to get the cooperation you deserve from ATC.

Radio call-up procedures, correct radio terminology, and how to use your radio for increased safety and utility are all there—including communicating comfortably in Class B airspace, when and how to get a Special VFR clearance, procedures for controlled vs. uncontrolled airports—even the best way to resolve on-air disputes. A wealth of pointers on issuing clear and professional communications. 105 minutes

VFR Regulations Refresher

VFR Regulations Refresher

Covers the most critical & the newest FAA regulations. Insider tips on how to avoid being in violation (maybe you already are), and the best way to avoid a penalty, even if you're caught in violation. 115 minutes

Airport Signs, Markings & Procedures

Airport Signs, Markings and Procedures

Understanding and correctly interpreting airport signs and markings is essential to safe and problem-free maneuvering around an airport. The Airport Signs, Markings & Procedures: Your Guide to Avoiding Runway Incursions course makes it easy for you to remember what action to take—or not take!—when you taxi at any airport.

Practical Risk Management for Pilots

Practical Risk Management for Pilots

If you are like most pilots, flying an airplane is about as good as it gets ... fun, exhilarating, challenging and even empowering ... but as you know, there are risks in flying.

You can never completely eliminate the risks, but in a little over 1 hour, King Schools innovative, Computer-based Interactive Video™ Practical Risk Management training course will teach you the procedures and techniques that you need to manage aviation risks effectively. You'll be able to assess and manage risks confidently ... leading to safer flying and more fun in the cockpit.

(this course is only available on disc)

  • Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (FAA Book)
  • Aviation Weather (FAA Book)
  • E6-B Flight Computer
  • Navigation Fixed Plotter
  • Pilot Log Book
  • VFR/IFR Card
  • Airspace & Communications Card
  • Flight Planning Organizer Pad
  • Burgundy Kit Bag to take your study materials with you on the go

The proven KING method

Here are the features you won't get anywhere else that make King Courses so highly effective...

Many folks ask us what makes our courses different and why our students tend to score so highly on their tests. The short answer is that we take complete information and make it clear, simple and fun to learn. Most important though, we have developed a computer-based knowledge delivery system for our Knowledge Test Course that puts you in the pilot's seat.

  • Subjects are broken down into full-screen, bite sized video segments, averaging 5 minutes in length
  • Anytime you have 10 to 15 minutes, you can complete a learning segment
  • You can immediately access answer explanations, and if needed, missed questions on the spot.
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses with a system that tracks your progress as you progress through the course.

Humor Helps You Learn

Humor is part of our style because it makes learning more enjoyable, but there's always a more important point to our humor; to make key concepts easier to remember. We take complex material and make it fun and easy to learn.

Humor Helps Your Learn

For several decades, King Schools has helped pilots achieve their aviation training and enjoyment goals. Pilots have responded enthusiastically to our customer-focused approach to creating products that make learning to fly Smart, Safe & Fun.

At King Schools We pledge to ...

  • your training advisor. Our pilot advisors are the best in the business. They are here to help and answer your questions and help you with your training decisions.
  • you on a pedestal. John and Martha may be the Kings—but to us, the real "kings" are our customers. Customer satisfaction has driven KING for over 35 years.
  • ... help you score higher. 99.8% of KING students pass their FAA exams. 12% score 100%!
  • ... maximize your training. King Schools' teaching techniques help you remember facts you'll need—in every training product we create.
  • ... provide free, lifetime tech support. For as long as you own your course, you get this on all KING software and video products.
  • ... make learning enjoyable. Humor is a major component that distinguishes KING materials—and makes the learning process more memorable.
  • ... treat you with integrity. No loopholes, no surprises—we'll never abuse your trust. There's no fine print, no tricks. Never!

Born from a Passion for Flying

King Schools, Inc. is the world´s leading producer of aviation training videos and computer software. It was first established in 1974, when John and Martha began flying throughout the country to teach ground school courses. A decade later, they began producing video courses in a spare room of their house.

Our Mission

King Schools is in the business of providing aviation education and information and related products of the highest quality, sold and delivered through ethical and responsible marketing and outstanding customer service. It is the goal of King Schools to do good things for people and to succeed by seeking out and taking care of the needs of CUSTOMERS, fellow workers and vendors.


  1. If not completely satisfied with the course, return it within 30 days for a prompt, friendly refund.
  2. Your course will be up-to-date with the latest FAA knowledge requirements.
  3. If you fail your FAA test within one year of purchase, get your money back—AND you
    keep the course!
Money Back Guarantee

What are the steps to getting my Private Pilot Certficate?

Private Pilot Certificate—Basic Requirements

  • Take and pass an FAA Flight Physical
  • Complete flight training with an independent flight instructor or at a flight school
  • Pass the FAA Private Pilot Written Test
  • Pass the FAA Private Pilot Practical Test (aka checkride)

How to prepare for the FAA Knowledge Test

  • King Schools Knowledge Test Courses serve as your ground school course and will prepare you for the test by covering the material that the FAA expects you to know.
  • You will learn all the concepts that will help make you a smarter, safer pilot. You will receive an endorsement from King Schools when you complete three practice exams, which are included in your course, with a score of 70% or higher.

How to prepare for the FAA Practical Test

  • King Schools Practical Test Courses cover both the oral portion and the flying portion of your practical test. You'll feel much more confident when you have the inside advantage of witnessing a mock simulated practical test with an actual FAA Designated Examiner.
    • The FAA Practical Test Standards are included. These are the guidelines your examiner uses to determine of the skills and knowledge expected from you during the practical.

How to prepare for flight lessons

  • King Schools Special Subject Courses help you to prepare for your flight training by covering the subjects areas specific to the practical aspects of flying.
    • You will be able to overcome flying hurdles with specialized instruction.
    • You will save money on the overall cost of your flight training by reviewing techniques before your flights.

Your Private Pilot Checklist

  • Order your King Schools Private Pilot Get It All kit and start learning!
  • Find an Aviation Medical Examiner and pass the required flight physical for at least a third class medical certificate. Find a medical examiner here:
  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language
  • Prepare for the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test using the KING Knowledge Test Course (included in the Get It All Kit)
  • Complete the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test—You must be at least 15 years of age to sit for the written
  • Prepare for your flight training using KING Special Subject "Take-Off" Courses (included in the Get It All Kit). You will show up prepared for each lesson since you will have seen just how to perform the tasks!
  • If training under Part 141, complete at least 35 hours of piloting time
  • If training under Part 61, complete at least 40 hours of piloting time
  • Prepare for your Practical Test using the KING Practical Test Course (included in the Get It All Kit)
  • Complete the FAA Private Pilot Practical Test (oral and flight test, or "checkride")—You must be at least 17 years of age when you take the Practical Test
  • Receive your Private Pilot Certificate
  • Start Flying as a Private Pilot!
  • After receiving Private Pilot Certificate, you can continue on to the next step; getting your Instrument Rating or Commercial Certificate!

Some words of advice

  • Some of your best resources for information on flight schools and instructors can be found right at your local airfield. Get to know other pilots and ask them for recommendations.
  • Interview your instructor—ensure they have a teaching style that makes you comfortable. You are their customer and should be treated as such.
  • Stick with the program. There will be times when you may feel frustrated as you find it difficult to overcome certain challenges. Be patient, seek advice and keep moving towards accomplishing your goals. Refer to King Schools special subject courses to help you get over the hurdles.
  • Students tend to focus on the minimum requirements. The national average is nearly double that of the FAA minimum requirement for actual flight time. You want to be knowledgeable and safe. The more experience you have coupled with knowledge and preparedness, the more you can manage risks associated with flying.

Beyond the Horizon

  • Instrument Rating
  • Complex and High-Performance airplane checkouts
  • Commercial Certificate
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Flight Instructor Certificate
  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate

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