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Take King Courses on Your iPad!

iPad and iPhone
Take online courses on your iPad or iPhone

KING Online Courses on iPad

Almost all KING online courses are now accessible using the Safari web browser on your iPad or iPhone. The only exceptions are the Commercial, CFI and ATP Ground School & Test Prep Courses and we are working to get those supported as soon as possible. You can also download and watch videos from any of your online courses using the King Schools Companion app, described below.


FREE Online Courses Companion App
watch your course videos even when offline!

iPad and iPhone Companion App

Introducing ... a free iPad and iPhone compatible app that connects to your King Schools Online (iLearn) Account and allows you to download your course video lessons so that they can be watched at any time, with or without an Internet connection.

No Internet Connection—No Problem

King Schools Companion app is the perfect solution when you are traveling or when connected to a cellular data service with a limited data plan. Just download your next lessons before you go.

We Won't Lose Your Place

Your video watching progress is automatically saved between sessions. You can stop watching a video at any time and when you come back, you will pick up right where you left off.

Your Progress will be Synced When you Reconnect

For our single subject Take-Off Courses, your video completion progress will be synced with our servers the next time you connect to the Internet, enabling you to complete the course entirely with the King Schools Companion app.

King Schools iPad Companion App
Automatically sync progress between all your devices

"The ability to take this course on the computer, iPad and even my iPhone was perfect! I was able to watch the next training video anytime I had a few minutes no matter where I was! Highly Recommended! I will be back for the Commercial Written Exam Prep!!" --Adam B.

Questions, Questions

The current version of the King Schools Companion app does not support answering the questions that follow lesson videos in the Ground School & Test Prep Courses. As a result, you cannot complete those lessons in the Companion app. However, you can hone your knowledge using lesson videos downloaded to the Companion app and then answer the questions using the online course once you are again connected to the Internet. Stay tuned for a future update ... we're working on it!

For more information search "King Schools Companion" in the App Store, or simply scan this QR code.

This free app is available from the App Store. It requires you to have a King Schools iLearn account containing at least one King Schools Online Video Course. Once logged in, just navigate through the course and tap to download a lesson.

King Schools Companion App

Take Cessna Courses on Your iPad or iPhone

You can take Cessna Sport/Private Pilot and Instrument Rating online courses on your iPad or iPhone—even though they use Flash.

Here´s How It Works

To take your Sport/Private Pilot or Instrument Rating Cessna course on your iPad you just need to use an alternative web browser. We have found one that works well: Photon Flash Player.

We understand this is not a perfect solution, since it requires you to take our courses in a separate browser. However, the good news is that you can take your lessons anywhere you have your iPad and an Internet connection.

Getting Started...

To take your Cessna course with Flash on your iPad:

  1. Click on the appropriate app below depending on if you will run the course on an iPad or iPhone. You'll be taken to App store to complete your install. These apps are web browsers that can display Flash.
  2. Next, run Photon, tap on the lightning bolt at the top of the screen to enable Flash, and type "" into the address bar.
  3. Take the course as normal.
QR Code for Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy[iPad]  Photon Flash Video Player & Private Web Browser for iPad  |  $4.99

Appserve's Photon Browser is a full-featured browser, with fast native browsing for normal sites and those that use Flash content. KING does not produce this application.

QR Code for Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy[iPhone]  Photon Flash Video Player & Private Web Browser  |  $3.99

This version of Appserve's Photon Browser is specifically designed to enable Flash browsing on the iPhone and iPod touch. KING does not produce this application.

Why are these apps age rated? These apps simply enable the playing of Flash content through your mobile device. In addition to KING online courses, your device will render Flash content from any site you choose to visit. Since these apps do not know the content of the sites being browsed, they provides a cautionary age disclaimer.

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