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Take King Courses on Your iPad!


FREE Online Ground School & Test Prep Course Companion App—watch your course videos anytime!

iPad and iPhone Companion App That Works with Your KING Online
Ground School & Test Prep

Introducing ... a free iPad and iPhone compatible app that connects to your KING Online Ground School & Test Prep Course and allows you to download the course´s video lessons so that they can be watched at any time, with or without an Internet connection. This is the perfect solution when you are traveling or when connected to a cellular data service with a limited data plan.

For more information search "King Schools Companion" in the App Store.

This free app is available from the App Store. It requires you to have a King Schools iLearn account containing at least one KING Online Ground School & Test Prep Course. Once you´re logged in, just navigate through the course and tap to download a lesson or to unload a lesson, freeing up space on your device.

King Schools iPad Companion App

Take Online Courses on Your iPad—even courses using Flash!

Now you can take all KING and Cessna online courses on your iPad—even those that use Flash. Online courses that use Flash are the KING Ground School & Test Prep Courses and both Cessna courses.

KING Practical Test Courses, single subject Take-Off Courses, and Professional / Turbine courses don´t use Flash so they can be taken on your iPad directly using the normal Safari browser.

Here´s How It Works

To take your Flash-based course on your iPad you just need to use an alternative web browser. We have found one that works well: Photon Flash Player.

We understand this is not a perfect solution, since it requires you to take our courses in a separate browser. However, the good news is that you can take your lessons anywhere you have your iPad and an Internet connection.

Getting Started...

To take your KING Ground School & Test Prep Course or Cessna course with Flash on your iPad, just go to the App Store and install Photon. Next, run your selected app, and type either for KING courses or for Cessna courses into the address bar at the top of the screen.

KING online courses that use Flash are those with video, including our Knowledge Test, Practical Test, and Single Subject Take-Off Courses.

To take your KING course with Flash on your iPad:

  1. Purchase any KING online course
  2. Click on the app of your choice below. You'll be taken to App store to complete your install. Each of these apps is a browser that can display Flash. The Photon app must be purchased.
  3. Next, run the app, tap on the lightning bolt at the top of the screen, and type either "" for KING courses or "" for Cessna courses into the address bar.
QR Code for Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy[iPad]  Photon Flash Video Player & Private Web Browser for iPad  |  $4.99

Appserve's Photon Browser has been the #1 paid browser on the app store for several months and is a full-featured browser, with fast native browsing for normal sites and Flash-compatible browsing for those sites with Flash. KING does not produce this application.

QR Code for Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy[iPhone]  Photon Flash Video Player & Private Web Browser  |  $3.99

This version of Appserve's Photon Browser is specifically designed to enable Flash browsing on the iPhone and iPod touch. KING does not produce this application.

Why are these apps age rated? These apps simply enable the playing of Flash content through your mobile device. In addition to KING online courses, your device will render Flash content from any site you choose to visit. Since since these apps do not know the content of the sites being browsed, they provides a cautionary age disclaimer.

Browse KING online courses

Taking a KING Professional/Turbine Course?

Our Professional/Turbine courses are compatible with your Apple Safari browser, so you won't need to install a seperate browser app. Using your mobile device, just go to and start learning!

The Following KING Courses Are Available as iPad/iPhone/iPod Apps!

Download Courses to Your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch—at big savings!

King Schools on App Store

You can now purchase and download five of our best-selling Take-Off Courses directly from the App Store. Just go to the App Store and search for "KingSchoolsInc" and click on the "Buy Now" button. These applications are available for a limited time at only $29.99 each—a savings of $20 over the regular price of the disc or online versions!

Now available at the App Store...
only $29 each, for a limited time!

Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy QR Code for Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy  iPad / iPhone / iPod touch

You'll change takeoffs and landings from a trial to a joy. You'll impress your passengers (and yourself) with flawless takeoffs and landings even in stiff crosswinds. Exciting live-action video...more >

Pilot Communications Pilot Communications  iPad / iPhone / iPod touch

Demystify "tower talk" & feel in control on the radio. Through real-world communications with actual controllers you´ll learn first-hand proper communication procedures, techniques to use in every class of airspace, & how to get... more >

VFR Cross-Country Flying VFR Cross-Country Flying  iPad / iPhone / iPod touch

Get the real payoff from learning to fly. Filmed over majestic terrain, this step-by-step guide to planning & flying a fun, safe VFR cross-country trip is for seasoned & new pilots alike. You'll learn hidden traps to avoid, ...more >

Complete Airspace Review The Complete Airspace Review  iPad / iPhone / iPod touch

Know how to use the airspace to your advantage—stay safe and legal in this complex system. Thoroughly covers the FAA´s international alphabet soup of airspace requirements—classes A through G, plus TRSAs, etc.—and converts it to easy-to-understand information. more >

Taming Stalls and Spins Taming Stalls and Spins  iPad / iPhone / iPod touch

You'll quickly learn what causes a stall ... how it can transition to a spin ... how to instantly recognize & avoid situations that might result in loss of control ... & steps to take in the event you find yourself in a... more >

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