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Sport Pilot Instructor <br />Ground School & Test Prep Course
Sport Pilot Instructor
Ground School & Test Prep Course

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Before you know it, your first students will be soloing!
Your sport pilot flying takes on new meaning—and fun-when you become a Sport Pilot Instructor. That's why you'll want to have the best preparation for the FAA Sport Pilot Instructor Written Exam.

Your approach to flight training can determine whether a student pilot continues his or her training—and how you teach (or fail to teach) a particular concept may ultimately determine the outcome of an emergency years later. You've got an awesome responsibility! 

Pass Your FAA Sport Pilot Instructor Test...

It all begins here—in the early stages with your Sport Pilot Instructor exam prep. As a Sport Pilot Instructor, you've got to be ready to teach to the fullest, every time you prepare for and deliver a lesson. Your KING Sport Pilot Flight Instructor / FOI Interactive Video Ground School & Test Prep Course (Knowledge Test Course) is your fastest, easiest route past the exam and into the air with your first students.

Your Best Value...

Sport Pilot Flight Instructor
Written & Checkride Combo

Get 4 Courses FREE!

In addition to advanced concepts of aerodynamics, your Sport Pilot Instructor preparation will focus on teaching maneuvers and the fundamentals of instruction—to prepare you to convey information to your students logically and effectively. With KING, before you know it, your first students will be soloing! 


    John with FAA designated examiner Rusty Sachs

    Here's What You Get...

    Supported Operating Systems: 32-bit versions of Windows XP only.

    • Sport Pilot Flight Instructor / FOI Interactive Video Ground School & Test Prep Course
    • Every Sport Pilot Flight Instructor FAA question and answer available
    • Unlimited random practice tests
    • Coursebook with detailed notes
    • Sign-off form for the FAA Sport Pilot Instructor Exam
    • Personalized graduation certificate suitable for framing
    • FREE online FAR/AIM

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    The Top 3 Reasons Pilots Choose KING:

    1. King Schools provides a method that will ensure your success as it has for pilots over the past 40 years by delivering over 1 million courses. In fact, KING courses have helped 1 out of 2 pilots flying today.
    2. If you are not 100% satisfied with your course, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price.
    3. If you take, but don´t pass your FAA test within one year of purchasing the course, you get your money back. (This is very rare!)

    Get the Knowledge You Need to Fly Safely
    KING´s clear, simple, fun presentation means you get the big picture you need to be the true master of your flight. You´ll have the practical tools to really use your Sport Pilot Instructor Certificate (aka - Sport Pilot Instructor License). And having the big picture means you´ll be ready to deal with the unexpected. You´ll know how to make timely decisions and take action before you and your passengers are at risk—so your flying will be confident and fun!

    KING´s Training System Ensures You Will Ace Your Test

    • Learn by watching full-screen, bite-sized video segments, averaging 5 minutes in length
    • Reinforce your learning by answering the actual FAA Sport Pilot Instructor written test questions that automatically follow each segment
    • Receive instant feedback if you have answered correctly ... or not
    • Immediately access answer explanations, if needed
    • Retake missed questions on the spot
    • See your progress through the course with automatic tracking
    • Assess your strengths and weaknesses with intuitive reports & charts
    • Review FAA questions by any combination of subject area, questions missed, FAA Learning Statement Code, or questions not yet answered
    • Type in any phrase and find all FAA questions available containing that phrase
    • Take unlimited random practice Sport Pilot Instructor exams
    • And when you´re ready, you´ll get your FAA Sport Pilot Instructor written test sign-off (endorsement) and graduation certificate instantly online!

    Humor Helps You Learn
    Humor is part of our style because it makes learning more enjoyable, but there´s always a more important point to humor: to make key concepts easier to remember.

    1. Is this course right for me?

      This course is designed to prepare you to take and pass the FAA sport pilot instructor Knowledge Test.

    2. What are the system requirements for this course?

      CD-ROM or DVD for Windows media requires a 32-bit version of Windows XP only.

    3. Are the courses current?

      KING courses are up-to date with the latest information and subjects areas the FAA wants you to know. KING Interactive Video Ground School and Test Prep courses contain FAA-style questions which are representative of all the subject areas the FAA tests.

      Warning: You can’t just memorize test questions and expect to pass your FAA Sport Pilot Instructor Written Test. Why? The FAA used to make their test question banks publicly available; however, they have not done so for many years. In fact, the FAA has recently gone through their entire database and changed every single test question and answer in order to eliminate test question memorization. No one, including test prep educators, has access to the FAA question banks. To be a safe and competent pilot-in-command, and to pass your required tests, there is no shortcut. You must acquire the necessary pilot knowledge.

      CD-ROM or DVD for Windows Media - Your disc-based course is always up-to-date when it is shipped from KING. You can subscribe to our update subscription service at an additional charge and we will send you "hotsheets" whenever questions change.

    4. Is there a particular order to follow? Are some lessons easier than others?

      First, select the "Click HERE to Start" menu icon on your Sport Pilot Instructor Ground School & Test Prep Course home screen. From there, you will learn how to use the course effectively with and gain insight to the features and benefits of the course. Just follow the path from start to finish; it´s that easy. Of course you can skip around if you chose but we recommend staying on the lesson path.

      As you begin your flight training lessons, you will want to review the pilot skills courses as they will tie into your practical flying.

      Once you have passed the FAA Sport Pilot Instructor Knowledge Test, it´s time to start your Sport Pilot Instructor Practical Test Course so you will ace your FAA Sport Pilot Instructor practical test (a.k.a. Sport Pilot Instructor checkride).

      Some lessons will be more challenging than others. The advantage of having a home study course is you can repeat any lesson over and over again. You can always call or send us feedback about concepts or questions for further clarification.

    5. How much time will it take to complete the course?

      The Sport Pilot Instructor Ground School & Test Prep Course contains approximately 7.5 hours of video clips.

      King Schools courses are self-paced so completion time will vary from person to person. Some folks spend a full week to complete the course and others will take longer depending upon how much time they have allocated for their studies. If you have 10-15 minutes of time, you can complete a course lesson.

    6. What if I have a question? Is there a CFI available?

      If you still have a question about your course, you can call us during our normal business hours at 800-854-1001 or +1 858 541-2200. You can also email us at - We have a full staff of pilots and flight instructors available to answer your questions. Please be aware that it may take 24-48 hours to respond to an email so please call us if you need immediate attention.

      Of course, when you take a King Schools course, it is like having a flight instructor with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can review the material as often as you like at any time. Sometimes, you may want to review a video segment a couple of times.

      King Schools Sport Pilot Instructor Ground School & Test Prep Course contains a text question explanation icon that contains a thorough explanation of the test questions. Click on the icon when you are in the question review that follows each lesson segment and you will have a pop-up window containing a thorough explanation of the test question.

    7. How do I access my course completion certificate?

      Once you have completed all the lessons and answered all the questions in each lesson, you´ll be able to print out your completion certificate.

    8. Can I still access the course material after I complete the course?

      You can have lifetime access to your Sport Pilot Instructor Ground School & Test Prep Course.

    9. How do I receive my endorsement to take the FAA Knowledge Test?

      Once you complete the three practice exams with a score of 70% or higher, you can print out your endorsement.

    10. Now that I finished the course, what´s next?

      Consider purchasing King Schools Sport Pilot Instructor Practical Test Course if you haven´t already. This course will prepare you for your sport pilot instructor checkride (Also referred to as the sport pilot instructor practical test). It includes footage on how to flawlessly execute in-flight maneuvers as well as prepare you for the oral test. Your passing the test is guaranteed!

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