Commercial Pilot Exam Course - DVD for PC

Commercial Pilot Exam Course - DVD for PC Price : $279.00
Everything You Need To Pass Your Commercial Pilot
Knowledge Test—Guaranteed!

Commercial Pilot Interactive Video Ground School and Test Prep Course
This Commercial Pilot exam course is also available online. Choose the format option that's right for you!


Achieve The "Next Step" in Flying Satisfaction & Safety

KING's Commercial Pilot Interactive Video Ground School & Test Prep Course (Knowledge Test Course) is the industry standard. A full and complete ground school with nothing left out. The perfect combination of solid facts and light humor, presented with KING's winning strategy, all designed to:

  • Ensure success based on understanding
  • Simplify complex concepts
  • Guarantee the material stays with you longer
  • Solve problems right on-screen
  • Transform even the dullest subject matter into fun with unique exploded monster graphics and 3-D animation
  • Put you in the cockpit and in the air with exciting live-action video
Commercial Pilot main menu
"I have taken several of your courses and find them enjoyable and well worth the time. In fact they are a very efficient way to prepare for the written."
Jeffrey Bond • Lebanon, MO

"This type of grade is the reason King Schools is my ONLY choice when it comes to training materials. Thanks Again."
Joseph J. Kulick • Hughestown, PA

"Great course! I can't imagine a more efficient or effective course, not to mention its ease of use. I aced my test—thanks."
J. Linde • West Douglas, AZ

Here's How You'll ACE Your Test..
  • Learn by watching full-screen, bite-sized video segments
  • Reinforce your learning by answering the actual FAA Commercial Pilot test questions that automatically follow each segment
  • Receive instant feedback if you have answered correctly ... or not
  • Immediately access answer explanations, if needed
  • Retake missed questions on the spot
  • See your progress through the course with automatic tracking
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses with intuitive reports & charts
  • Review FAA questions by any combination of subject area, questions missed, FAA Learning Statement Code, or questions not yet answered
  • Type in any phrase and find all FAA questions available containing that phrase
  • Take unlimited random practice exams
  • And when you're ready, you'll get your FAA Commercial Pilot written test sign-off (endorsement) and graduation certificate instantly online
Martha explains Coriolis Force
Clear explanations

John explains Constant-Speed Props
Constant-speed props made easy

You'll Benefit from KING's Unique On-Demand Learning System

Many folks ask us what makes our Commercial Pilot course different and why our students tend to score so highly on their tests. The short answer is that we take complex information and make it clear, simple and fun to learn.

Most important though, we have developed a computer-based knowledge delivery system that puts you in the pilot's seat. Anytime you have 10 to 15 minutes, you can complete a learning segment and confirm your understanding by answering the questions that automatically follow—and your course will track your progress.

  You’ll Be Mentored By John and Martha

Through intimate video instruction, you’ll learn directly from John and Martha King. Their clear, simple and fun teaching has made aviation learning accessible to hundreds of thousands of pilots world-wide. You’ll remember their vivid and often humorous presentations as long as you fly. Pilots have frequently told us that as they faced critical situations in the air, the Kings’ words replayed in their minds right when they needed them. You will always consider John and Martha your personal aviation mentors.

Humor Helps You Learn

Humor is part of our style because it makes learning more enjoyable, but there's always a more important point to our humor: to make key concepts easier to remember.

Question Review Ensures Your Success!

Once you have completed all of your lessons, ensure a top score by using KING’s exclusive built-in test prep with FAA-style questions. You can even filter review questions by ones previously unanswered, marked or missed.

Use each question’s detailed explanation to refine your knowledge and see your progress through intuitive reports. Then, check your test-readiness at any time by taking unlimited randomly generated practice exams and you will know when you are ready to ace your exam!


Here's What You Get...
  • Commercial Pilot Interactive Video Ground School and Test Prep Course
  • Personalized graduation certificate suitable for framing
  • Electronic detailed course notes & figures with hot links and easy navigation
  • FREE online FAR/AIM

Always FAA Current

The FAA frequently updates the required knowledge for each test. King Schools continuously updates all courses, ensuring you get the most current instruction available anywhere.

  • Your disc-based course is always up-to-date when it is shipped by KING  
  • Your online course provides free lifetime updates, and it's updated automatically whenever changes occur with no action required from you


Supported Operating Systems: both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.

This Commercial Pilot exam course is also available online. Choose the format option that's right for you!

Now Available ... FREE iPad & iPhone companion app with the KING Commercial Pilot Online Ground School & Test Prep Course (not available with disc course)

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