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Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)—Online

renew your CFI completely online ... quickly & easily!

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More Relevant and Interesting Learning

  • This FIRC moves away from reviewing the same topics that flight instructors learned as Private Pilots
  • This FIRC focuses on giving you tools to help pilots to be more ready to be Pilot-In-Command
  • You'll gain more insight from thought provoking topics
  • We think you'll find this FIRC to be a breath of fresh air

Renew Completely Online Without Leaving Home

As a King Schools FIRC customer, you have an easy, convenient way to renew your CFI certificate using our online renewal service.

  • Everything can be completed online
  • NO trips to the FSDO
  • NO documents notarized
  • NO sending in your old CFI certificate, or any other documents

Access Your Course From Anywhere

From your computer, iPad, or other mobile device, all you need to complete your FIRC is an Internet connection and a web browser.

The Airplane FIRC Covers...

  • Identifying and Changing At-Risk Behaviors
  • Scenario-Based Training
  • Coaching Pilots to Avoid Deviations
  • Simplifying Airspace
  • Making Airworthiness Easy to Understand
  • Teaching Icing Survival
  • The Benefits of IACRA and the FAAST Program
  • Things You Need to Know About TSA

    —And You Get to Select 2 Electives From These Subjects

  • Teaching Icing Survival
  • Preparing Your Applicant for the Practical Test
  • How the ACS Will Improve Flight Instruction
  • Teaching Smart Tablet Use in the Cockpit
  • Using Flight Simulation to Help Pilots Learn



"I have been taking weekend and online FIRCs for many years and this is by far the BEST renewal course I have ever taken and I look forward to using again in two years."
~James Potter • Afton, VA
"Excellent course. I actually enjoyed it. I learned some new things and all from my iPad in various parts of the world. Thanks for making it so easy and convenient."
~Andrew J. Zuranski • Lake Ariel, PA

To successfully complete this course, you must, for every lesson in the course...

  1. Complete the pre-lesson assessment quiz
  2. Study all the lesson content, and
  3. Pass the end-of-lesson test

When You Complete Your Course...
...you can instantly print out your...

  • TSA Training Certificate
  • Completion Certificate
  • Graduation Certificate
  • Temporary CFI Certificate—emailed to you when your renewal processing is complete

If you purchase your FIRC with the Certificate Renewal Service, you will be able to...

  • Fill out an online 8710 form using the FAA's IACRA online program
  • Supply us with your FAA Tracking Number (FTN) assigned by IACRA
  • After we process your application, we will issue you a downloadable and printable temporary certificate

Save Time and Money on Your Renewal
Other courses require you to notarize documents and to send in information using certified mail. This can add significantly to the overall cost of your FIRC course. Since the KING FIRC uses the FAA's online IACRA system to process your certificate, all this is avoided. There is nothing to send in, allowing for a quick, easy, and inexpensive renewal process.

Why Not Try Something New—and more significant
You may have noticed that the FIRC options for flight instructors have not changed much in recent years. Well, you now have the opportunity to try something new. You´ll meet your certificate renewal requirements just like with any other FIRC, but the KING course will make you thoughtful about what you can do as a flight instructor to make general aviation pilots safer.

You will delve into areas that will be interesting, relevant, and sometimes provocative. You will find this new approach truly refreshing, and we are certain you will find our alternative to be engaging, educational and fun.

You're in Control
You may take the lessons in any order you choose. Once you comprehend all the material in a lesson, you will be ready to take the lesson test and confirm your learning. Once you pass, start studying the next lesson of your choice immediately.

Renew Online Without Leaving Home
This FIRC is the first to incorporate a paperwork-free, completely online, renewal process. You will be able to complete the renewal requirements at your computer and you will receive your temporary certificate by email.

A personal note to Flight Instructors from John and Martha

"Flying self-selects fabulous people. It is easy to become fond of them. They are competent, committed and persistent. They are also vulnerable to the risks associated with flying. These are not foolhardy people. They often just don´t understand the risks they are taking. There is a very strong need to help pilots gain insights that will save their lives.

We decided our FIRC should cover things like "Identifying and Changing At-Risk Behaviors." If you are like us, you often see scary behavior in your own customers. We hope to give you specific tools to help your customers gain the insight they need. At a minimum taking this FIRC will make you thoughtful about these topics. The best case is that if you are not already, you will become a strong advocate of risk management to everyone in aviation."

John and Martha
  1. Do I need to make any trips to the FSDO or get my documentation notarized?

    No, when you choose to let us do the renewal processing for you. By selecting the KING FIRC with Online Certificate Renewal Service, you will take advantage of our completely paperless, online renewal process.

  2. What devices will the course work on?

    Access your course from any device...all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser

    • Tablets
    • Computers
    • Mobile Devices
      • Please note the IACRA application on iacra.faa.gov can only be signed using the Internet Explorer web browser.

  3. How soon will my renewal application be processed?

    Upon successful completion of the course and submission of your electronic 8710 application on IACRA's website, you should allow for at least 5 business days for King Schools to process your application.

  4. How soon before my CFI certificate expires can I take your FIRC and maintain my same month of expiration?
    • To retain your same expiration month, submit your application for renewal anytime within the 3 months prior to your current expiration month.
    • Your course graduation certificate is good for 3 calendar months from the month of issuance and must be valid at the time you submit your application for renewal.

  5. My CFI certificate has already expired. Can I still renew my certificate using your course?

    No, you need to contact your local FSDO office and inform them of your situation. They will let you know what you need to do to renew your certificate.

  6. How do I get my WINGS credit for taking the course?

    For more information on receiving WINGS credit click here.

  7. Do I have to fill out all the information on the IACRA form?

    No, you do not need to fill in the number of flight hours. When you click on Submit, IACRA will prompt you to fill in any missing information that they require.

  8. How do I provide an electronic signature?

    Just select Sign Application, then click on the hyperlink Click to Sign.

  9. I received my temporary certificate but I still have not received my permanent certificate and it has been a while.

    You can check the status of your application by calling the FAA Airman Certification Branch at 866-878-2498, Monday through Friday - 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Central Time.

  10. Who do I call if I have questions?

    You can speak to one of our Pilot Advisors during our normal business hours at 800-854-1001 or +1 858-541-2200. You can also email us at custserv@kingschools.com.

Great course content!
Always current and relevant information. Not the same old stuff year after year.

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Great FIRC
Tis is a fantastic course! Content was well constructed and kept my attention throughout. Highly recommended

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Five Star
This was truly a very innovative, cutting edge, refreshing, informative and practical FIRC. Knowing the work and time that was taken to create this is greatly appreciated. The ease of renewing the certificate was amazing. Wonderful in every respect. Thanks again for producing a 5 Star study and renewal course

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Old Airline Pilot Keeping Up
Very good review of GA information for keeping up with the latest info and refresher of some of the old forgotten tips. Really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone..

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Overall very good!
The website is very easy to navigate, and the paperless process is so easy! Overall very well done.

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


The best FIRC hands down!
This was my 11th. FIRC and my second time doing it with King. Throughout the years I have tried them all. From the 16 hour sit down FIRC's to all the online FIRC's from when they first came about in the late 90's. The best is King! Super easy menu navigation, plenty of useful information for CFI's and the ability to print the lesson material covered which is great for keeping handy as a future reference. I especially like the option of being able to pick the topic that interests me in 2 of the modules. And of course the easy and convenient paperless processing using IACRA. All in all I give the whole thing an A+. Thanks King!!

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Excellent course
I always learn and/or relearn something new every time. It's a great refresher. More effective than some in person FIRCs I have taken. The paperless renewal option is very nice for those of us in the middle of the wilderness. My FSDO is over 500 miles round trip from here. I highly recommend this course!!

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Valuable and Efficient!
The King course was valuable, covered relevant material, was easy and proved to be very time efficient! Highly recommended. A++

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Common sense approach
This is the best FIRC I've ever done. I chose King for the second time. King seems to have a common sense approach to the FIRC, and I find it refreshing. Thank you King School.

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Great way to renew
Great course.

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Easy and simple process
I would recommend this course to anyone looking to renew their certificate. It reviewed some things I needed work on and the process to actually renew was simple and easy.

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Great FIRC course!
Great FIRC course! Second time user. Will use again.

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Great job!
Five stars!! Thank you once again for a great learning and review experience! Regards, Dean White

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


A Great Way to Renew
King Schools' FIRC is a thorough, yet quick and easy way to renew your Flight Instructor certificate. It's scenario-driven approach helps pilots understand the concepts as they are presented. Including the required TSA and Security Awareness Training module is a big plus as it permits renewal of those requirements at the same time. I especially like the pre-test for each section, which highlighted my strengths and weaknesses in each topic area and prepared me for what I needed to know in that segment. The program itself is very easy to navigate and the instructions are clear and concise. King Schools' FIRC is a great way to renew your flight instructor certificate. Thomas P. Turner Mastery Flight Training, Inc. www.mastery-flight-training.com

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Repeat customer
Very good and easy to use program, and I especially like the interface for electronic renewal of the CFII certificate. Makes your renewal pain free and easy to accomplish at your own pace.

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


User Friendly and Informative
I thought this course was informative and helpful. At no time did I feel like questions or responses were designed to be tricky or test my knowledge of grammar more than my subject knowledge. Everything was well presented, written and helpful.

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


FIRC course
Once again, good review course on many subjects that apply. To give you some background, I am a retired airline pilot, background being that of military and airlines. I used your courses on the FIRC now twice to keep my instructor licenses up-to-date and having instructed both in the Navy and with my airline, I plan to instruct in the civilian world, most likely specializing in instrument or ATP lessons. Your courses, I have found to be quite professional and good, keep up the work. Capt. Jim Tucker

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Thorough Made-Easy CFI Renewal
Great way to renew your CFI for all experience levels.

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


King does it again, A+
This was by first online FIRC, my last renewal was for my Gold Seal. I'm currently flying single pilot EMS, though I still enjoy teaching, I wanted to not only get my renewal done quickly, but to get some worthwhile knowledge as well, this course was just what I was looking for. I've always recommended King products for my students and used them for my initial ATP and later as a supplement for 135 indoc, I have high expectations for the King programs and this course met those expectations. The whole process was smooth, worked great on my iPad, complete with a fresh security awareness re-up and the online certificate renewal service saved me a ton of time. King does it again, A+

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


This course is a major departu
This is a major departure form King courses I grew up with. I was hoping for Video content like all the others and so far 3 modules in and zero video only text on the screen

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


I was hoping for a more interactive experience.
I was hoping for a more interactive experience. Reading an outline and taking a test was just a means to an end.

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Great FIRC Value!
I originally started the course just to check the box and be done with it. However, soon after beginning the course material and after examining the resources you provide, I realized that I had an enormous treasure trove of information available to me in virtually every module. Oh, did I mention that I am an ATP with over 13,000 hours and fifty years of aviation experience behind me? Well done ladies and gentlemen, well done!

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Fast, simple, and refreshing
Easy step by step process. Straight forward system that walks you completely thru.

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


No wasted time. Excellent pace

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Focused, informative, up to date, information that is needed to stay current with FAR's, TSA Regs.
Focused, informative, up to date, information that is needed to stay current with FAR's, TSA Regs. Lots of good info to share with my students, especially on risk management. Will use again.

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Just awesome
After using another popular FIRC, getting halfway through and being completely bored and frustrated, I decided to try King's. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Easy to use format, lots of valuable information and reference material. Thanks again King Schools!!

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Outstanding FIRC Course
Concise and to the point. An excellent review for senior instructors. I have kept my CFI Certificate active since 1959. Note: My regards to John and Martha. I first met them in the 1970's during one of their Alaska training trips to Fairbanks, AK.

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


King FERC ~ A for Excellent
Just completed the King FERC, and came away very impressed. The material was relevant, and presented in an easy to understand, engaging style. The CFI is a license to teach and to learn. Not surprisingly, I picked up a lot from the course which should make me a better instructor. It was very convenient to have King Schools process the renewal with IACRA, but I didn't expect to also get a certificate for TSA Security Awareness Training, and earn Wings credits, too! Thank You, Gabe Wisdom

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


I like this course!
The CFI renewal is always a PITB ao I was pleasantly surprised 2 years ago when I first used this renewal program and have just completed it again this year. Instead of slogging throught the same old FOI etc, this course adresses more real world issues facing CFI's and how they can better prepare students for the real world of flying. For instance, I have been flying a PC12 for the last nine years single pilot in EMS and when I first took this course two years it opened my eyes to risk management. RM has been given lip service and we have forms to consult etc but I agree with the statements in the program that our primary job as piliots is Risk Management and when that breaks down, it opens the door for bad things to happen. Thanks for an instructional and relatively painless way to renew the CFI.

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Everything I expected!
King is the only school I will ever use. When I discovered that King is now doing a FIRC it was a no-brainer. As I expected...they did it again! Thank you for a quality product and excellent experience.

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Very Quick Response from Help.
I was getting real close to expiring, and your staff was tremendously quick in responding and forwarding the application! Very Well Done!

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


Best FIRC Ever!
I've tried them all, in person and online. King online FIRC is the Gold Standard. Nothing else is even close. Thanks, Capt. Roy M. ATP/CFII/AIGI A320 United Airlines

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online


I've done different online courses and the King FIRC is the best by far yet. Easy to navigate and understand. No more having to get paperwork notirized and sending it. Best for the money at your own pace.

Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course - Online



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