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CFIs and Flight Schools, use these courses to build your business!


John and Martha have three life passions: flying, business and teaching. You already know the KING aviation courses that have grown out of their commitment to smart, safe, fun flying.

But did you know that, over the years, John and Martha wrote, lectured, and developed seminars for entrepreneurs that featured their unique and proven approach to successful business practices? The Kings developed these courses from their life experience of starting, nurturing, and developing successful businesses ... and, yes, even one that went bankrupt. As John says, "I've been broke and not broke ... not broke is better!"


Let John and Martha Share Their Secrets For Success With You!

These business courses are so important ... so fundamental to the everyday realities of running a successful business, that every King Schools employee takes them. They are the heart and soul ... the fundamental principles of our company.

Now, you too can benefit from more than 40 years of John and Martha's entrepreneurial business management with these courses ... all on DVD and all guaranteed to make your work more fun and more successful!

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