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Flying the Garmin 430/530

get full utility from your WAAS Garmin Navigator

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Flying the Garmin 430/530 Course
Flying the Garmin 430/530 Course
Course format:  Compatible Devices

Make Your "Dreamed-Of" 430/530 Capabilities A Reality!
The advanced avionics of the Garmin GNS 430 and the Garmin GNS 530 are an absolute dream to use. Turn your dream into a reality by learning to take command of all knobs, buttons and system logic before you get in the air!

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KING's Flying the Garmin 430/530 Course is much more than the simple courses that many others offer. This course will harness the power of your computer to prepare you so well that when you get in the airplane, your hands and eyes will automatically go to the right place.

Learn How to Fully Utilize the Garmin 430 or the Garmin 530!

  • Know the best way to power up and get ready to fly
  • Learn how to best use WAAS
  • Navigate with moving maps, flight plans, and "Direct-To" ... with confidence
  • Utilize the facilities database including pages and page groups, nearest airport and navigation aids
  • Know how your Garmin can help you when you have an in-flight problem or emergency
  • Call up instrument procedures with ease including loading and activating approaches, departures and arrivals, course reversals, holding, and missed approaches
  • Utilize the terrain features to keep you out of trouble
  • Learn how to customize your system
  • Be prepared to handle possible 430/530 malfunctions
  • Learn how to stay way ahead of the 430/530 and fully utilize all of its amazing power

Be Prepared Before You Fly

You'll not only understand and be able to use the fabulous capabilities of the advanced Garmin technology, but you'll know the quickest and most efficient way to do things. You'll stay way ahead of the 430/530 and fully utilize all of its amazing power. And you'll say, "Wow, that was easy!"

430/530 Online Main Menu
430/530 Online Main Menu


The DVD for PC* Version Includes Our Realistic Procedures Trainer

You will gain the confidence that comes from immediately practicing what you have learned by select the buttons and knobs on our Realistic Procedures Trainer after each video lesson segment. Our trainer makes it easy to take what you have just learned and apply these skills immediately.

*Available for Windows Operating Systems Only



WINGSAccepted for FAA WINGS Credit



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You choose when and where you want to learn.

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King Schools "no questions asked" 30 day, money back guarantee.

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  1. What are the operating system requirements for the disc course?

    Supported Operating Systems: both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.

  2. What are the operating requirements for the online course?

    Online course media requires a broadband internet connection. The course will run on your iPad, tablet, iPhone or smartphone.

  3. What is the difference between the online version and the disc version?

    The online version allows you to take lessons on your iPad, iPhone or any mobile device or computer that has an internet connection. The video content is exactly the same as in the disc version, however, the disc version includes KING's Procedures Trainer which lets you put what you have learned into practice right away.

  4. Apple iPhone and iPad

    Your course is compatible with the web browser on your Apple device. In addition, the free King Schools Companion app allows you to view your online course(s) on an iPad or iPhone when not connected to the Internet. The free app is available through the iTunes App Store by searching for "King Schools Companion."

    Follow the steps below to access your online courses offline:

    • Login to your course by following the instructions in the email you'll receive after you complete your order.
    • Download the King Schools Companion app through the iTunes App Store.
    • After launching the Companion app, login using your existing iLearn account username and password.
    • While connected to the internet, download the online course(s) you have purchased.
    • Once your course(s) have finished loading, you can start studying offline!

  5. How long is the course?

    The course contains over 4 hours of video instruction.

  6. How many discs are in the disc course?

    There are a total of seven (7) discs; one setup disc and 6 instructional discs.

  7. Does the course cover both VFR and IFR operations?


  8. How do I get my WINGS credit for taking the course?

    Just make sure the email address in your King Schools iLearn account matches your WINGS account. We will automatically grant WINGS credit when you complete the course. For more information, click here.

  9. How do I access my course completion certificate?

    For disc course, once you have completed all the lessons and answered all the questions in each lesson, you'll be able to print out your completion certificate. Click on the Course Complete icon when you are finished to print your certificate.

    For online course, once you have completed all the lessons, you'll be able to print out your completion certificate. Click on the Print Completion Certificate tab when you are finished to print your certificate.

  10. I already have the disc course, can I upgrade to the online version?

    It's easy to upgrade...Give us a call at 800-854-1001 or +1-858-541-2200 and we will be happy to assist you with updating your disc course to the online version. Just tell the friendly Pilot Advisor you want to upgrade the Flying the Garmin 430/530 disc course to the online version. They will provide you with the simple instructions for returning your disc course.

  11. Who do I call if I have questions?

    You can speak to one of our Pilot Advisors during business hours at 800-854-1001 or +1-858-541-2200. You can also email us at custserv@kingschools.com.

Clear/Concise Review
Great review of Garmin GNS 430 and 530 GPS systems. Material was clear, concise and provided great examples to further demonstrate the functions

- Online


Excellent course
Excellent course

- Online


Great course
Great course!

- Online


Very good and very clear.

- Online


5 stars
Good review.

- Online


This is amazing
My instructor will be shock when I teach him about rushing the gps procedures. It really reduces work load in the cockpit .

- Online


Basic and in depth practical coverage of the Garmin 430/530
Basic and in depth practical coverage of the Garmin 430/530

- Online


Great primer prior to heading to Cessna for Caravan Training
Great primer prior to heading to Cessna for Caravan Training

- Online


4 stars
good course

- Online


Excellent Course!
I loved the course and have already been able to implement much of it in the cockpit. Totally demystified the Garmin 430 for me.

- Online


430/530 training
Why no QNA?

- Online


Good Course
Learned a lot and reviewed lessons as needed.

- Online


This course has demystified the 430 for me.
This course has demystified the 430 for me. I have always resisted GPS navigators for our car even when offered for free, because I prided myself on my navigation skills on the HWY and Interstate systems. However, there are no signs and markings in the sky, so I had a steeper learning curve when using this technology..

- Online


Another Great Course By King
I have been flying the Garmin 430W for a few years and never knew all the wonderful features it had to offer until I purchased the King Course , Great Job

- Online


Flying the Garmin 430/530
Excellent course!!!! Had no idea what I could do with my G530W!

- Online


Excellent, especially as I can go back and review as I try new features
Excellent, especially as I can go back and review as I try new features

- Online


Great Intro to the 430/530
The King Schools website offers a great selection of valuable learning courses.

- Online


Excellent Course
Very professional presentation. Easy to understand.

- Online


Clear, clean, complete
Good sequencing of data, moves fast but at a good pace, great confidence builder. Recommend go through the complete course and then go back an take the needed time on the places that could use more attention,

- Online


flying the garmin 430/530
Good course and easy to follow instruction. I really like the fact that I can review at anytime. Well worth the money

- Online


Helpful Overview
Great overview of the Garmin GPS. Still have a lot to learn but it's a good introduction that aids in familiarity.

- Online


Excellent info and format
The views of the instruments in the plane to the Garmin is great. Use of actual airports and situations is very helpful.

- Online


I like Kings courses because it offers a style of teaching that makes it easy for me to digest the information in a very efficient manner.
I like Kings courses because it offers a style of teaching that makes it easy for me to digest the information in a very efficient manner. Thanks Kings for helping out again.

- Online


Thorough, Easy to Understand
Everything you need to know about the 430 / 530 in simple, easy to understand instruction. Highly recommended!

- Online


Great course
Great course

- Online


Great course
Great refresher course to get back into the IFR system!

- Online


Good Stuff
Started my instrument flight training and the plane has a Garmin 430. Instructor has been good to let me move the knobs and push the buttons but it was just not sinking in. This course helped me to better understand the 430 and I cannot wait now to get in the plane and show my instructor what I have learned from this course.

- Online


Awesome Course!
Clear and concise explanations. Practical knowledge. Efficient use of my time.

- Online


Thorough GNS 430/530 Overview
Flying armed with the information provided within this course certainly takes a lot of the guesswork out of using the GNS 430/530 equipment. John and Martha King have condensed a rather large volume of technical yet necessary information down into easily absorbed chunks. Taking the course was well worth the time spent.

- Online


Flying The Garmin 430/530
I found" flying the Garmin 430/530" course to be very informative. I would recommend the course to all pilots that plan to fly with either of the units.

- Online


Best course for the GN430
Best I have found for the GN430. would have liked a setup guide so that I could have followed along with the course on the GN430 simulator.

- Online


I'm ready
After taking the course I'm now ready to take on the next chapter in my flying career, flying a cargo CE208. The 430/530 course gave me fantastic tools to use this great instrument in a very demanding work environment. The information presented is clear, concise, and completely user-friendly. I did the whole course on my iPad.. The mobile platform worked flawlessly, and the Kings do an outstanding job of presenting this and every subject.

- Online


This was good.
This was good, I needed some help with garmin 430/ 530. It was much cheaper to learn thru the video online course rather than rent a plane and fumble around with the knobs.

- Online


Good program
Great program. Definitely worth the time and effort to complete.

- Online


Wow! In a matter of hours, I went from - Ok, what button to I push next on this thing? To anticipating my next step and being prepared to make it at the appropriate time....with confidence. Thanks!!!

- Online


great course
I felt the course has very good information and the graphics or very well done. The course answered all of my questions about the 530. Thank you King!!!

- Online



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