RNAV-1 & -2 Pilot Certification Online Course

RNAV-1 & -2 Pilot Certification Online Course Price : $199.00

RNAV-1 & -2 Pilot Certification—for anyone flying RNAV SIDs and STARs

FAA regulations for commercial operators (Parts 91K, 121, 125, 129 and 135) require specific pilot training before they can fly RNAV-1 and RNAV-2 departures, routes and arrivals in the United States. Part 91 operators are required to be familiar with the procedures but do not need a documented training program or letter of authorization.

This course provides all the general information required by AC 90-100A for pilot training and authorization as well as required testing for commercial operators. Just add company and aircraft specific information to obtain RNAV-1 and RNAV-2 authorization in your Ops Specs. Satisfies IS-BAO recurrent training requirements.

You'll Learn...
  • Aircraft certification and authorization requirements
  • Operational authorization requirements
  • Pilot training and authorization requirements
  • RNAV waypoints and path terminators
  • Pre-flight planning for RNAV operations
  • Takeoff requirements for RNAV operations
  • RNAV departure and arrival procedures
  • High (Q) and Low (T) altitude RNAV routes
  • Normal operations in an RNAV environment
  • Required flight plan information for RNAV operations
  • Standard RNAV radio phraseology
  • Terrain clearance considerations in an RNAV environment
  • Contingency operations for RNAV

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