King Schools' 40th Anniversary

40 Years of Simplifying, Clarifying and Making it Fun to Learn

You will see a new King Schools' 40th anniversary logo on our site in celebration of 40 years of clarifying, simplifying and making it fun to learn. It is a great time to think back and see how far we have come, but also to look forward towards new ways to ensure that anyone who flies, or dreams of flying, has learning material available that ensures they can make their goal a reality.

Your Feedback Drives Our Development

We provide feedback cards in every shipment that leaves King Schools and ask for feedback in all our online courses. Your responses have provided us with so many valuable opportunities to improve. Reading over a hundred thousand feedback comments has helped us to continuously tailor our teaching and presentation methods for your maximum success. It is a large part of the reason we have had a part in training over half the pilots flying today.

We are Continuously Evolving to Provide You with the Best Education

While we have gone from chalkboards to overheads, to video tape, to TV-DVDs, to computer discs and now the Internet and mobile devices, the goal remains: clarify, simplify and make it fun!

Our guarantee to you is to find even newer and more innovative ways to meet that goal. We hope we are helping you meet your own aviation goals and look forward to your feedback.

Keeping it Fun!

Part of "keeping it fun" includes a history of sweepstakes. We have given away over 3 million dollars worth of prizes to lucky winners. The odds of winning are not bad (about 100,000 to 1) and the prizes have fulfilled many dreams for our winners. For King Schools' 40th anniversary we are returning to one of the most fun of all our prizes, an Alaskan Flying Adventure!

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